Aldi customer issues warning after ‘chemical smell’ from tissues

An Aldi customer has expressed her concern as her recently purchased tissues had a "chemical smell".

The customer, who is located in Sydney, wrote a post on the Aldi Fans Australia Facebook page on Tuesday.

“I buy these tissues all the time but the tissues in this box have a strong chemical smell on them,” she said.

“Does anyone else have this problem?” she asked.

Accompanying the woman’s post is a photograph of Aldi’s Confidence brand tissues.

Confidence brand box of tissues. Source: Facebook
The woman said the tissues were the source of the smell, not the box. Source: Facebook

Many group members have commented on the woman’s post, indicating that they have purchased the same item and have not had any issues.

However, other group members have shared similar experiences in the comments section.

“I had it once, it was really off-putting but I have bought them since and they’ve been fine,” said one person.

“Had it once with tissues from other stores - all good since,” commented another.

“I have had that problem in the past and I wrote to them to get it rectified,” wrote a third.

Aldi customers theorise on source of tissues’ chemical smell

Many group members have taken to the comments section to pose theories about the strange smell on the woman’s tissues.

“I bought bottled water once with a chemical taste, I reported it to the water company and on investigation they found it was stored next to fertiliser in the shop,” said one person.

“You have to be careful where products are made, perhaps not an Australian brand,” commented another.

“Perhaps something broke and spilled in the truck and they absorbed the smell,” wrote a third.

Aldi storefront photo taken from carpark. Source: Getty Images
The Aldi Fans Australia Facebook group has 47,000 members. Source: Getty Images

The Aldi Fans Australia Facebook page encourages posters to take any issues up with Aldi directly.

“We welcome positive and negative posts about products, but a direct complaint, quality issues or staff/store issues need to be taken up with Aldi Australia,” it says.

Aldi no stranger to chemical complaints

Another NSW customer recently reported a strong chemical smell coming off of her Aldi dinner set.

The woman said she had purchased Aldi's Crofton brand children’s dinner set, and noted that it smelled strongly of nail polish remover.

Another recent product recall has been made on Aldi’s Diplomat brand Lemon & Ginger tea, citing chemical contamination from ethylene oxide, for use-by dates between 08/02/2023 and 11/02/2023.

No recall order has been announced on the Confidence brand tissues.

Other Aldi product complaints that have recently arisen on social media include empty packs of sultanas, disintegrating chicken and a live snake in a pack of lettuce.

The customer who penned the initial post has since responded to comments, stating that she threw the tissues out and is not deterred by the incident, and plans to purchase another box.

Aldi’s returns policy states that if customers are not satisfied with a product, they are welcome to return it.

“If you’re not completely satisfied with one of our everyday grocery items or Special Buys, you can return it for a refund or replacement within 60 days,” it says.

Yahoo News has reached out to Aldi for comment on the incident, but the supermarket's spokespeople did not provide a comment.

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