Aldi shopper stunned to find live SNAKE in bag of lettuce

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A Sydney mum has warned other shoppers after she says her son found a live snake inside a bag of cos lettuce purchased from Aldi.

"Check packaged lettuces carefully. Last night my son found a baby pale-headed snake in with his baby cos lettuce from Aldi," the woman wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

The unusual find baffled users who were curious about how the customer handled the situation.

The baby pale-headed snake in a bag of Aldi cos lettuce.
An Aldi customer said she found a baby snake in a bag of cos lettuce. Source: Facebook

"Was it still alive?" one person asked.

"Oh yes!" the woman replied.

"That is bizarre. What did he do next?" a user asked.

"He contacted WIRES and someone collected it," the woman wrote.

WIRES confirmed they did arrive to the "highly unusual" rescue and plan to relocate the snake to a suitable habitat in the Toowoomba area mid-next week.

"How big was it? Is it 99 per cent Australian ingredients?"a person joked.

Aldi customers shopping.
An Aldi shopper has found something 'good, different' in a bag of baby cos lettuce. Source: AAP

"Gosh media would have a field day with this!" another user said.

“Good, different?" another jokester replied referring to the supermarket's catchphrase.

A few people were concerned if the woman's son was okay, but she assured everyone he was fine.

"He’s fine thanks – but he hadn’t realised how dangerous it was!" she replied.

Aldi lettuce invader identified as pale-headed snake

Lake Macquarie Snake Catcher Colin Shoemark identified the snake as a pale-headed snake.

The potentially dangerous species is shy, but easily agitated if cornered.

The Australian Museum said there had been no recorded fatalities from this snake, however exposure to its venom can produce some unpleasant symptoms, including severe headache, blurred vision, localised pain and abnormal bleeding.

An Aldi spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo News Australia they were investigating the matter and were just as surprised as the customer to find a snake in a bag of lettuce.

"We’ve worked with the customer and the team at WIRES to identify the snake’s natural habitat, which is certainly not an ALDI store! We thank WIRES for their support on this," the spokesperson said.

"We are working closely with our produce supplier to investigate how this incident could have possibly occurred."

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