Aldi shopper furious over baffling detergent discovery

An Aldi customer has been left baffled after she purchased her usual laundry detergent and opened it to find something wasn’t quite right.

The woman bought a bottle of Sensitive Trimat Advanced Concentrated Laundry Liquid from the Aldi supermarket in the Victorian suburb of Carrum, a regular purchase for her household.

But as she opened the bottle to start a load of laundry she was taken aback to find the liquid inside was a deep green colour – very different to usual.

Yahoo News Australia has confirmed the usual colour of the product is a white/creamy colour designed to wash clothes for those with sensitive skin.

Bemused by the situation, she took to social media to share her story, positing that someone had swapped the contents inside the bottle and then returned it to the store for a refund.

ALDI washing detergent complaint.
The customer turned to Facebook to find out why her usually Aldi white detergent was now bright green. Source: Facebook/Supplied

“I am shocked the dishonesty of some people. I get there are desperate people out there but not at a cost to others... This is absolutely disgusting behaviour,” complained the Aldi customer, who confirmed the story to Yahoo News Australia.

On Facebook, the woman warned others and sought to investigate how it could have happened.

“It’a very clear someone has swapped the contents of the actual product for another,” she wrote, along with photos showing green liquid filled inside the bottle.

The post sparked heated debate with others asking how anyone could have done such a messy switcharoo in store without being noticed.

“Wait… are you saying someone did this in store? They ‘swapped’ liquid from one bottle to another? How is that even possible? I’m so confused,” one woman responded.

“I’m not sure how an individual would have done that without being noticed. If any individual poured theirs into yours, where did they put yours? I’m very confused,” another user wrote.

Aldi customer finds her laundry detergent is bright green instead of the usual white colour.
The Aldi customer opened a bottle of laundry detergent to find it was a mysterious bright green goop (middle), instead of the usual white sensitive skin detergent (right). Source: Facebook/Supplied

The original poster responded that she felt the sneaky customer may have taken the product home to complete the switch out of sight.

“I only figured it must have been done at home then returned to receive cash back,” she suspected.

‘This is next level’

A few people suggested there could have been an error on the manufacturing side.

“I’d say it’s an error during manufacturing and I can’t see how anyone could swap the contents in store,” one person suggested.

“OMG I’ve seen people swapping eggs out but this is next level!” one shopper wrote.

ALDI customers confused over products being swapped in store.
Aldi customer were baffled by the detergent 'swap'. Source: Getty

Yahoo News covered reports of Aldi customers spotted swapping free range eggs for their cheaper cage laid counterparts in November and the detergent switch seemed to raise similar questions about how far some people will go to allegedly save a few bucks.

“WOW, Some people have too much time on their hands, how annoying for you, I hope you are returning it,” one Facebook user commented.

The customer said she had plans to return the green mix up to the store and was just thankful she didn’t use it before she noticed, possible ruining a load of clothes or even her washing machine.

“I’m just lucky I didn’t put it in my machine. Believe it to be plausible or not!” She wrote.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Aldi for comment.

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