Aldi shopper's 'unbelievable' act infuriates other customers

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It’s not uncommon for shoppers to open a carton of eggs to check they are all intact before purchasing, but one Aldi customer has been caught crossing the line in a bizarre act that shocked onlookers.

Taking to the Aldi Mum’s Facebook group the woman said she was in her local Aldi store waiting behind a customer to pick some eggs from the display when she noticed the woman in front of her behaving strangely.

“I noticed her swapping eggs from one box to another but I wasn't sure what she was doing until she put the cage free box back,” the woman described.

She suddenly realised what the sneaky shopper was doing: “She swapped caged ones with cage free”.

A woman is shopping and checking eggs in an egg carton.
'I noticed her swapping eggs from one box to another': An Aldi customer noticed another shopper behaving strangely. Source: Getty

Cage free eggs are usually marked at a higher price point than caged eggs and are often considered a better choice by conscious consumer shoppers.

The woman said she alerted a manager about what she had witnessed but the alleged egg swapping shopper had already made a get away.

“It’s not fair to the person who is going pay for them not knowing what’s inside,” the annoyed customer wrote.

The post was quickly inundated with comments from horrified Aldi fans.

“That’s so bad and frustrating that people would do that, I always try to buy free range eggs which aren’t cheap so I wouldn’t be happy!” a member of the Facebook group replied.

“It would never occur to me that someone could do this!” a horrified shopper wrote.

“Unbelievable. I’ve heard everything now. The things people do,” an annoyed person wrote.

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