Mum's 'brilliant' ALDI trolley hack solves annoying problem

An ALDI customer has shared a simple solution for dealing with the supermarket’s much talked-about checkout challenge.

ALDI shoppers discuss their love for weekly special buys and affordable brand name alternatives in Facebook groups dedicated to the supermarket giant, but there is one experience many ALDI shoppers still dread – the speedy checkout process.

“Does anybody else feel like ALDI staff are throwing your groceries back at you after the scan them?” one person asked in an ALDI Mum’s Facebook group.

While competitors pack groceries into bags for customers, the ALDI shopping experience is based on keeping things “simple and efficient”.

ALDI checkout staff scanning groceries
"I'm scared of the checkout': Some ALDI customers think the staff scan groceries too fast. Source: AAP

The website explains this means not having excess staff in store so ALDI staff scan groceries at lightening speed and slide them along the conveyer belt leaving some customers sharing they feel “rushed” at the register to pack the groceries back into trolleys.

ALDI’s speedy checkout experience

The checkout experience is feared so much by some shoppers that it even turns them off filling up a trolley at ALDI.

“I go and look and maybe buy a few things, but would never do a full shop (I'm scared of the checkout!)” one person wrote.

Other customers wrote they have made excuses to buy more time at the register.

“I only say yes to the catalogue at checkout to give myself 2.5 seconds more to pack up the shopping,” another person commented.

While seasoned ALDI customers say it’s a skill that takes time to perfect.

“When you take your husband to ALDI for the first time in years and he is trying to keep up with the checkout guy, loading up the trolley. The guy and I just looked at each other and shook our heads I said ‘you can tell he isn't a regular can't you?’”

“So I push him out of the way and show him how it's done. Needless to say his jaw dropped and couldn't believe how quick and neatly I packed the trolley,” one regular ALDI fan boasted.

Shopping at ALDI
ALDI are known for their low prices and speedy checkout experience. Source: Getty/AAP

The ALDI checkout hack

One shopper refused to let the checkout experience get the better of her and spotted a simple solution while shopping in Bunnings.

“Square tubs from Bunnings that fit perfectly in Aldi’s trolleys,” the excited woman wrote in the Bunnings Mums Australia Facebook group, along with a photo of two Bunnings Ezy Storage Tubs sitting neatly in an ALDI trolley.

The customer wrote being able to grab groceries from the checkout and slide them right into the tubs to make shopping at ALDI easier.

“So easy to get groceries in and out of the car!” she wrote.

ALDI customer trolley hack with Bunnings tubs
The ALDI customer's idea for making shopping at the supermarket easier was a hit on Facebook.Source: Facebook

Members of the group responded positively, and one even described the hack as “life changing”.

“This will take my ALDI anxiety down for sure - brilliant!” one person responded.

“Good idea, easier to catch everything,” another person commented.

One user recognised the tubs would be easier to keep clean than reusable shopping bags.

“And easy to wipe down and sanitise. Genius!” one person wrote.

An ALDI Australia spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia ALDI checkouts operate with industry-leading efficiency that reduces waiting times and allows team members to resume other responsibilities, such as filling shelves and helping customers.

“Each of our registers feature long conveyor belts allowing customers to unload their trolleys in one go, and many of our products carry multiple barcodes to make it easier for our retail assistants to scan each product.

“Our staff are encouraged to review and adjust their scan speed based on how quickly or slowly each customer packs their shopping.

“We ask that customers put their purchases back in their trolley or basket once they have been scanned, and then pack at their own pace at the long bench behind the tills,” an ALDI Australia spokesperson said.

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