ALDI shopper's 'incredible' bread discovery stuns TikTok users

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Shoppers have descended into a frenzy after discovering an “incredible” feature in ALDI stores.

The German-owned supermarket giant has given food dispensing a whole new meaning – putting other supermarkets to shame in the process.

Customers of stores in the discount chain’s homeland need not worry if their favourite bread is nowhere to be found – that’s because there’s an impressive device that claims to bake it fresh at the tap of a button.

One of the huge machines was featured in a recent TikTok video by a German woman who runs an account called ninathegerman.

In her eye-opening video, she filmed as she passed a scarce bread selection before revealing the extraordinary appliance.

A still of a TikTok video showing a woman with a bread machine at an ALDI in Germany.
This TikTok user shared ALDI Germany's bread machine in a video. Source: TikTok/ninathegerman

“So apparently they have this machine where you just press the button and it bakes the bread for you right then and there,” she told viewers.

“But remember, if you press the button you have to buy the bread.”

Thousands were left awestruck by the amazing apparatus, praising the German company for its futuristic technology.

“Omg! This is the most amazing thing ever,” one person wrote.

“Germany has always been on another level,” another said, while someone else argued: “European countries are so far ahead technologically.”

“Wow! How incredible to get freshly baked bread like that,” a third wrote.

But not everyone was convinced, with a few sceptics expressing doubt fresh bread could be baked so fast.

“For sure they don’t bake it for you when you press the button,” one person said.

They weren’t the only ones not convinced by the retailer’s claim, with the German Bakers' Confederation in Berlin accusing it of false advertising in a 2011 court case, according to German news outlet Deutsche Welle.

A spokesperson from the confederation told the publication at the time “there are very strong indicators that they have something to hide”.

“Various bakers discovered that the bread comes out at different temperatures and that sometimes the rolls come out with a still-frozen centre,” he said.

“We found their advertising claim that 'we're baking bread and rolls for you all day long' to be impudent.”

ALDI denied the judge permission to inspect its machines as it didn’t want private processes exposed.

A closer look at the ALDI bread machine which shows the different types of loaves you can get.
An array of bread is displayed on the outside and can be dispensed at the press of a button. Source: TikTok/ninathegerman

An ALDI spokesperson dismissed the confederation’s claim, telling Deutsche Welle the baking process was being carried out inside the machine.

The complaint seems to have done little to stop customers indulging in goods dispensed by the machine nine years later.

ALDI confirmed there were no plans to introduce such a machine in Australia any time soon.

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