Man's simple hack to cut time at supermarket

A man has shared how he cuts down the time at his local supermarket while managing to avoid using plastic bags.

The man, known as @1980sgamer on TikTok, filmed his experience at the supermarket showing how much time he saves with a simple hack using a common household item.

After paying for his groceries which are placed directly back into the trolley, the man then skips past other shoppers who are busy packing their groceries into bags and he heads straight to his car.

A TikTok video showing people how to save time on grocery shopping
The hack has since gone viral with the TikTok video receiving almost 15 million views. Source: TikTok/@1980sgamer

When he opens his boot he reveals two laundry baskets sitting inside that he fills up with his groceries before returning his trolley.

When he arrives home, instead of several trips back and forth to the car carrying bags, he simply lifts the baskets out of the boot and takes them inside to unpack.

The hack has since gone viral with the TikTok video amassing almost 15 million views.

Followers loved the hack and praised the TikTok user for the idea.

“This is genius, I can’t believe I have never seen this before,” one person wrote.

“And you’re saving the planet by not using plastic bags,” a user commented.

An ALDI customer came up with a similar solution that takes the idea even further, saving more time and helping her keep up with the speedy checkout style ALDI is known for.

The Aussie woman shared on Facebook how she fills her ALDI trolley with two tubs she purchased from Bunnings and uses them to contain her groceries before and after purchasing them.

She manages to move the groceries from the trolley to her car boot in lighting speed and also avoids having to use any plastic bags.

Members of the Facebook group described the hack as “life-changing”.

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