Coles customer stunned by 'next level' checkout hack

A Coles customer has praised the supermarket after discovering a little-known trolley hack to make shopping easier.

The West Australian customer has revealed on Facebook that Coles small trolleys are designed to fit next to the self-serve kiosk, hovering over the shelf where a customer would normally place a basket or bags.

The shopper applauded the supermarket for the design, which made shopping more convenient by allowing him to scan items before placing them straight back in the trolley.

A Coles trolley sits over the shelf at the self-serve checkout.
A Coles customer is stunned after finding out his small trolley sits perfectly at the self-serve checkout. Source: Facebook/AAP

“Dear Coles, don’t ever change this at the self-serve checkouts where the small trolley conveniently hovers over the shelf. It’s next level,” the excited Coles customer wrote on the Coles Facebook page, along with a photo to document his discovery.

It’s not the first time shoppers have come across the little-known trolley hack and praised supermarkets for their clever thinking.

TikTok user @ebonyhit uploaded a video of herself using a trolley the same way at a self-serve checkout in an unknown Woolworths store in Australia.

It quickly went viral with more than 17,000 people liking the video, and even left Woolworths staff in shock.

“I’ve worked there for three years and had no idea,” one staff member said.

Even Aldi shoppers have discovered their own clever trolley hacks to make the weekly grocery shop a little less stressful.

A mother decided to use containers from Bunnings inside her Aldi trolley to keep pace with staff who are notorious for scanning items so quickly that customers can’t keep up with them.

The storage cubes allowed the customer to quickly place the groceries into the tubs before simply loading the tubs into her car boot to take home, no bags required.

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