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Aldi shopper reveals 'brilliant' shopping hack: 'Great idea’

An Aldi shopper has revealed a game-changing shopping hack for opening supermarket fruit and vegetable bags.

The woman shared her “mind-blowing” hack on Facebook, which she said was aimed to help shoppers to easily open the plastic produce bags in supermarkets.

“I notice customers struggling to open the fruit and veggie bags," the shopper wrote.

"I always use a trolley wipe for the handle of my trolley and then tie the wipe on the trolley side to repeatedly dampen my fingers.

"My shop is much quicker. No problem opening them."

However, the woman added she wasn't “sure about the safety of the wipe” once she had used it to wipe the trolley.

Hundreds of Aldi shoppers flocked to the comments to voice their appreciation for the ingenious tip, with some commentators labelling the hack “brilliant”, “great” and “fantastic.”

Fresh produce section inside Aldi supermarket. Source: Aldi
An Aldi shopper has shared a 'brilliant' hack for opening plastic produce bags. Source: Aldi

“I couldn’t believe this – a worker from a fruit and veg shop showed me this last year and my mind was blown,” wrote one impressed shopper.

While other customers praised the woman for using wipes rather than licking her fingers – which is especially problematic during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’m happy to hear you do this. Better than when I see people licking their fingers and putting the bag on the bag to open it. Checkout person has to touch it,” wrote one shopper.

“The pressure has been real to lick my fingers. Thank you for the brilliant idea,” said another woman.

Aldi shopper walks through supermarket holding basket full of groceries. Source: Getty Images
Other Aldi shoppers urged fellow customers to use multiple wipes to open produce bags. Source: Getty Images

Despite many customers applauding the woman for her genius hack, several people urged fellow shoppers to use multiple wipes to avoid contaminating their produce bags.

One commentator wrote: “I always do this. I get two wipes. One for the trolley, one for opening the plastic bags.”

Another wrote: “I always grab a few and if I have some left over I take them home and use them for a bench top bin.”

Shoppers suggest reusable bags to reduce plastic waste

Some customers were not so impressed with the shopping hack and instead, urged shoppers to use reusable bags in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

“Better still, purchase reusable fruit & veg bags. No struggle to open & better for the environment!” wrote one commentator.

“Use reusable fabric bags. Problem solved,” said another.

Other shoppers suggested ditching bags altogether and putting the fruit and vegetables straight into the trolley.

Close up of Aldi store fruit and vegetable aisle. Source: Aldi
Some customers suggested shoppers ditch plastic bags altogether to reduce plastic waste. Source: Aldi

“I skip the bag and just put the fruit and vegetables in the trolley bagless. You really don’t need the bag,” said a customer.

One shopper even pointed out that fruit and vegetables come in their own handy packaging, called skin and peel.

Savvy shoppers took the opportunity to share their own shopping hacks, which included dipping your fingers into the vegetable ice, rubbing the corner of the bag between your fingers and using hand sanitiser.

Woolworths’ latest trolley device praised on TikTok

A TikTok video showing new Covid-safe technology being rolled out across Woolworths stores has gone viral.

The 14 second video, posted by TikTok user @shereenchadoud, shows a customer sanitising her trolley using the innovative machine outside a Woolworths store.

“You can now disinfect your trolley at Woolworths Bankstown,” a voiceover says.

In the video, the woman pushes her trolley into the machine and presses the button to begin the disinfection process. It works by spraying the trolley with disinfectant for two seconds.

TikTok users from around the globe praised the cutting-edge machine from Woolworths, claiming it was a “good idea” and “so cool”.

Tiktok showing Woolworths' new trolley sanitising station. Source: TikTok/@shereenchadoud
A customer's TikTok video of themselves using a Wooloworths' trolley sanitising unit has gone viral. Source: TikTok/@shereenchadoud

A spokesperson for Woolworths said that the supermarket is trialling the “popular” units as part of their Covid Safe program across six stores in Greater Sydney.

“As a food retailer, we already have very high standards of cleaning and hygiene, including the thorough cleaning of high-touch surfaces, like trolleys and baskets,” the spokesperson said.

The Bankstown store joins Woolworths Oran Park, which first implemented the disinfecting station in April and received a positive response from customers.

Other NSW stores in Glenrose, Wetherill Park, Bonnyrigg and Carnes Hill are also trialling the sanitising units.

“We're always looking for ways to make the in-store customer experience more convenient, and will closely monitor customer feedback on the trial over the coming weeks.”

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