Mum's Aldi sunscreen warning after children 'burnt to a crisp': 'Red raw'

A furious mother has issued an urgent warning to Aldi shoppers after her family was “burned to a crisp” after using the supermarket’s sunscreen.

The disappointed shopper shared several photos of her children and husband on popular Facebook group Aldi Mums, showing each family member visibly sunburnt despite applying the Aldi-brand SPF50+ sunscreen.

“Extremely disappointed in this sunscreen. Was out in the sun for around 3.5 hours today with my kids and hubby and we are all burnt to a crisp,” she wrote.

Hand holding Aldi Ombra sunscreen that burned her family
A furious mother has issued an urgent warning to parents over Aldi's Ombra sunscreen. Source: Facebook

“Sunscreen is still in-date as seen in the picture. Thank God the kids had long [sleeve] rashies on so most of their bodies were covered,” she added.

One of the photos shows the Aldi Ombra SPF50+ Ultra Sunscreen Lotion, which the woman said failed to protect her family during their day in the sun.

Aldi defends Ombra sunscreens, says they meet safety standards

An Aldi Spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they were always concerned to hear a customer had experienced issues with their products and thoroughly investigated complaints.

“We can confirm Aldi Ombra sunscreens are extensively tested to ensure they meet best practice, safety and industry standards before they become available to customers,” the spokesperson said.

A man's neck and arm is bright red from sunburn.
The mother claims her family was 'burnt to a crisp' after using Aldi's sunscreen. Source: Facebook

The spokesperson said all Aldi sunscreens were regulated by the Therapeutic Good Administration Australia and “Aldi adheres to all their requirements”.

“As outlined on the product labels, Aldi Australia recommends customers carefully follow application instructions to achieve optimum protection including reapplying often enough and using the adequate thickness," they said.

Exterior of open Aldi supermarket during the day
Aldi has defended their Ombra sunscreen amid warnings from customers. Source: Getty

More Aldi customers share similar sunburn stories

Several Aldi customers shared similar experiences with the Aldi Ombra sunscreen in the comments and swore to “never buy it again”.

“Aldi sunscreens are really useless, happened with my kids and me, [their] skin was raw red and I got so worried,” one customer wrote.

The supermarket also received a less-than-stellar rating of 1.7 stars from 85 people on Product Reviews, with many claiming the product was “unsafe”, “beyond dangerous” and “horrendous”.

“My family and I are roasted like burnt tomatoes after using this POS product... Was very generous with application, but came out red raw and severely sunburnt! This does not work and is beyond dangerous!” the scathing review read.

Product Review of Aldi Ombra sunscreen putting woman in hospital
One woman alleged she ended up in the hospital after the Aldi Ombra sunscreen dripped into her eye. Source: Product Reviews

Another reviewer alleged they ended up in the hospital emergency department after the sunscreen dripped into their eye, resulting in “constant burning, running tears and swollen eye socket and cheek” for 10 hours.

When to apply sunscreen

However, other Aldi shoppers suggested perhaps it wasn’t the sunscreen, but the fact her family spent almost four hours in the sun without reapplying.

According to the Cancer Council, sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes before going outdoors and needs to be “reapplied at least every two hours” and after swimming, sport and towel drying.

They also suggested sunscreen always be used in combination with other sun protection measures, such as wearing sun protective hats, protective clothing, sunglasses and seeking shade.

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