Aldi customer 'outraged' after child eats 'alcoholic' dessert

An outraged mum has taken aim at Aldi after accidentally feeding her child a dessert that contained alcohol.

It was only after the parent gave her seven-year-old a dessert from the supermarket's Specially Selected brand that she realised one of the product's ingredients was alcohol.

She argued in a fiery tweet the retailer should clearly state the fact on the product's ingredients so parents knew to be careful if they were going to feed it to their kids.

"How come Aldi’s specially selected desserts has alcohol in the content? Gave it accidentally to my seven-year-old child. There should be a clear sign on the dessert about alcohol content," she wrote on Monday.

Front of Aldi store.
Aldi has responded to an accusation it inadequately labelled a dessert containing alcohol. Source: Getty Images

In two hashtags she expressed she was "outraged" and called for "transparent marketing".

Aldi says there were only 'trace amounts' of alcohol in treat

Aldi responded confirming the dessert did contain alcohol, but by the time it was cooked there were only trace amounts.

"The recipe for the desserts calls for a splash of alcohol—2.0mL /100g to be precise. However, by the time the product reaches the end of its shelf life, 15-30 per cent of that alcohol will have evaporated," a reply tweet read.

The retailer said it complied with the Foods Standards Code "which mandates that food labels must state how much alcohol is in the product if there is more than 1.15 per cent of alcohol by volume".

"As long as our desserts are labelled as containing alcohol with the amount of food in the product—which it does—it’s compliant with Australian Labelling Regulations," the reply continued.

Image of Aldi dessert that contains alcohol.
The mum fed her child a dessert from Aldi's Specially Selected line without knowing it contained alcohol. Source: Aldi

The Aldi employee went further to add the dessert had not been marketed to children, and claimed the packaging was designed "conservatively" and didn't feature "bright colours".

The unimpressed mum responded to the feedback saying she thought Aldi should still make it clearer when its food products contained alcohol.

"Thanks for the response but it should be clear in the packet on top that it contains Alcohol and PG for kids," she wrote.

"I understand it meets all requirements but not all parents will go through minute details in ingredients, and thought not marketing for kids so they can ask for chocolate deserts."

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