Shocking Bunnings video exposes what's hidden behind shelves

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A shocking new TikTok is giving shoppers an insight into what the back of Bunnings shelves look like, and viewers are not impressed.

The 25-second video was posted by TikTok user @_jack_of_all_trades_ and has been quick to rack up over 20,000 views.

The video shows the TikToker crawling in behind display shelves at his local Bunnings store and panning the camera around.

Stills from TikTok video showing backs of Bunnings shelves with litter. Source: TikTok/@_jack_of_all_trades_
The TikToker did not specify which Bunnings store he was visiting. Source: TikTok/@_jack_of_all_trades_

The shelf-backs, which employees refer to as "rat runs" according to a video comment, are littered with boxes, fallen stock, and other small items which appear to have fallen back.

A shelf stacked full with hose reels can also be seen in the video, with one that’s fallen down behind the shelf out of customer sight.

The video, captioned “Not surprised, to be honest,” shows text on the screen asking viewers if they’ve ever wondered what it looks like behind the shelves.

“Now you do,” the text reads.

TikTok users have slammed the hardware retailer in the comments section of the video.

“What a waste of space, if all shelves were positioned back-to-back you could fit a lot more stock,” one person wrote.

“So this is where all the ‘low stock’ items are that they can never find,” commented another.

“Clean it up!” said a third.

“Now I know where to look when they tell me there's no stock,” added a fourth.

“We clean it once a year”: Ex-employees shed light on shelf footage

Previous Bunnings staffers have also taken to the comments section to shed some light on the video.

“I worked there for eight years and it’s either old stock or stolen goods,” wrote one TikTok user.

“We clean it out once a year before stocktake.”

Another TikToker commented that customers and team members often overstock shelves or push things back when returning them to shelves.

Bunnings charity barbie [BBQ] outside its store. Source: Getty Images
Yahoo News understands team members are required to regularly check these areas as part of their weekly cleaning process. Source: Getty Images

“We have a team that have to clean those areas up,” they said.

“I don’t miss cleaning the rat runs before stocktake - it’s dirty work,” added another.

Yahoo News reached out to Bunnings about the TikTok footage, but the hardware chain declined to comment.

TikTok jokes about ‘cozy’ shelving: ‘The fifth dimension’

TikTokers have also taken to the comments section to add cheeky quips about the rat run area as shown in the video.

“I’m tempted to sleep in there,” one person joked.

“That looks so cozy!” wrote another.

“Looks like the fifth dimension in there,” another user commented.

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