Aldi shopper praised for kindness to distressed mum at checkout

A mum-of-two has shared the heart-warming moment a fellow Aldi shopper helped her when she was almost at the point of tears.

The mum said she was having a “horrible shopping experience” at the Blakeview Aldi in Adelaide, South Australia when a kind-hearted fellow shopper approached her.

The woman, who was shopping with her four-year-old son said she felt like everyone was starting to judge her when her son began misbehaving, but was soon astounded by the kindness of the fellow shopper.

Taking to the popular Facebook page Aldi Mums, the woman posted out a heartfelt thank you while trying to find the person who created a “turning point” in her bad day.

Customers enter Aldi store. Source: Getty Images
The stranger's good deed was quickly praised by fellow Aldi shoppers who complimented her lovely gesture. Source: Getty Images

“To the mum at Blakeview Aldi (I’m hoping she is in here) that came up to me after a horrible shopping experience with my four-year-old this afternoon, to tell me how much of a good job I did, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she wrote.

“It really meant more than you could ever know.”

The woman went on to say that she couldn’t get out of the store quick enough thanks to her troublesome four-year-old, but the stranger’s kind words of encouragement meant the world to her.

“Please everyone, let a mum know that she is doing a good job next time you see one struggling, it could really be a turning point in making her day better,” she continued.

“It’s amazing how much one person’s kind words can truly make an impact.”

Shoppers stunned by 'lovely' gesture

The woman’s kind-hearted act was praised by dozens of other Aldi shoppers in the Facebook group who quickly commented on the experience.

“So glad you had another caring mum help you just with words that meant the world to you and do not forget her words you are doing a great job as most mothers do in these very trying times,” one person wrote.

“You need to give yourself a huge clap knowing that not just you nailed it but someone is around that knowing you done a great job, children don’t come with instructions... don’t forget that you are beautiful for doing an amazing job and you are definitely not alone,” added another.

The heartfelt post prompted others to share their horror stories of shopping with kids, as well as those who said they often stopped to help other mums.

One woman shared she was helped by a lady who stopped to buy her a coffee after her two-year-old was misbehaving.

“I know exactly how you feel with my daughter when she was going through the terrible 2’s she had me in tears one day at the shops,” the shopper explained.

“Then a lovely older lady brought me a coffee with tears in her eyes and said she remembered what it was like when her kids were little and that I was doing a great job. It was such a beautiful gesture and really lifted my spirits.”

Another shared she held another shopper's crying baby so that she could pay for her groceries.

"I once held a crying baby for a distraught mother so that she could unload her shopping," she said.

"My girls are grown up now and it was lovely to hold a baby, it stopped crying too so I felt really good."

Kind acts at Coles revealed

Sharing a little kindness at the grocery store isn't so uncommon these days. TikTok user Lisa Biscoff (@lisabiscoff) recently posted a video sharing her kind act with her 101,000 followers.

The short video showed her holding a box of Twirl chocolates while shopping in the Coles Willowdale store in south west Sydney.

“I’m in Coles and it’s a day to do something nice,” she says in the video.

“All these Twirls, I’m buying them and giving them to the staff members.”

She went on to explain that during Covid these essential workers deserved some kindness.

"You know why? Because during tough times like these you need to do something kind for others,” she says.

“I hope you enjoy them, Coles!”

The checkout operator was extremely grateful for the kind gesture, while Ms Biscoff said she's all about making people smile, adding "doing something nice for someone else, even though it’s small, can really turn their day around."

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