Homeowner's incredible 45kg find after daughter complains of 'monsters' inside bedroom

A thermal cam was used to detect movement behind the wall leading to the shocking discovery.

Bees swarm inside the hole created by the bee keeper in the young girl's bedroom (left). The bee keeper holds up a thermal cam which shows the activity of the bees (right).
More than 50,000 bees were ultimately found inside the walls of the home. Source: TikTok

A family has made a shock discovery inside their home after their young daughter complained she was hearing "monsters" from behind the walls of her bedroom. Not only was the find "unusual", but the sheer quantity of it has now created further issues for the family who are in the process of renovating the 100-year-old property.

This week US mum Ashley decided to call a pest control expert to investigate once and for all whether there was something inside the walls of her home after her daughter's claims persisted, and it was quickly made apparent there was indeed "a lot of activity" they couldn't see.

A thermal cam was used to detect movement and the device illuminated bright orange, indicating bees were behind it — some 50,000 of them.

"The beekeeper and I did not realise how many bees were in that wall when he decided to open it up," Ashley said online. "Even though the thermal cam showed there was a lot of activity, we had greatly underestimated."

Bees crawl along the window sill (left) and are on the floor of the bedroom (right).
The homeowner and the bee keeper 'underestimated' the number of insects which were inside the walls of the 100-year-old property. Source: TikTok

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The bees were reportedly only making noise overnight, meaning her daughter had heard quiet buzzing and scuffling when everyone else had gone to bed.

It is understood the bees managed to get inside the wall through a "dime-sized" hole in the property's chimney, measuring only two centimetres in diameter, with the colony creating more than 45 kilograms of honeycomb in a short span of time.

"This is eight months of work the beekeeper said. This was a full trash bag that had to be triple bagged because it was so heavy it started to break," mum Ashley said.

The hole is sealed yet bees can be seen crawling around inside (left). The homeowner points to the large bin bag of honeycomb (right).
The honeycomb weighed more than 45 kilograms, with the beekeeper needing to temporarily seal over the hole again after more bees appeared. Source: TikTok

It's likely the bees "buried downwards" once they got inside the chimney, which is "unusual" behaviour, according to the bee keeper. He was forced to scour the colony in hope of finding the queen bee, with the only chance of removing the bees from inside the property being to relocate their leader.

Despite finding and relocating the queen, the bee keeper has since had to temporarily seal over the hole he created in order to prevent the family from being stung, with more bees emerging and starting to cover the floor and window sill of the bedroom.

After two extractions, the woman confirmed there are still "thousands of bees" thriving inside her home, with the beekeeper scheduled to make more appearances in the coming days.

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