Disturbing 10kg find inside walls of Aussie home: 'Stashed everywhere'

It took a moment for the resident to realise what had been inside his walls all this time.

Nothing could have prepared Ballarat resident Chris for the "multicoloured" discovery he made last week in his home.

"We were getting our windows replaced ... there was this huge clump on the ground," he told Yahoo News Australia. "I walked up and said to the glazier, 'That's a really weird looking insulation'."

Left, the window is being moved in by a crane. Right, the weird 10kg find can be seen peaking out of the wall.
Ballarat resident Chris was getting his window replaced and was totally 'grossed out' by the weird 10kg find inside the walls. Source: Supplied

The two men were completely perplexed by the 'insulation' inside the "typical suburban" home, situated northwest of Melbourne, and debated what it was, believing it was "too fine" to be horse hair which is a commonly used material.

"Then it dawned on me that the previous occupant had a home salon."

The human hair was all different coloured and had been stashed inside the walls, with severeal more bags found inside the roof. Source: Supplied
The human hair was all different colours and had been stashed inside the walls, with several more bags found inside the roof. Source: Supplied

Resident totally 'grossed out' by hair insulation

Up to 10 kilograms of human hair was "stashed everywhere" in the bulkhead above the window opening, causing the two men to "back away" after earlier "grabbing tufts of it" with their hands.

"You know what they say, hair is not gross when it's attached to something but as soon as it's not attached to something it's gross," Chris said. "I realised since the window was out, the wind was blowing it into the lounge room."

The glazier offered to remove and dispose of the human hair after Chris founds bags more in the roof, with a friend jokingly suggesting it was the perfect set-up for someone involved in witchcraft.

Although there is no indication why the human hair was put there in the first place, Chris shared his family have more plans to renovate the property they moved into in December and he believes it's likely more could be discovered.

"That area was a long way from the access hole in the ceiling so I'm thinking if they've crawled all the way over there to put it in, they've probably put it elsewhere as well."

The discovery isn't the first time human hair has been recycled in a bizarre fashion, with salon hair in Sydney being used to save oceans during oil spills.

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