Couple's 'disheartening' discovery on their way to supermarket

The couple couldn't believe the 'innocent creatures' had been treated that way.

An Adelaide couple were on their way to complete their weekly shop when they stumbled upon a "bundle of ears and eyes" on the side of the road on Tuesday night.

"At first we thought, are they fox pups or something?" Clare Oakley told 9 News.

Clare Oakley can be seen speaking to the camera (left) and the 'disheartening' discovery can be seen in the darkness, with three pairs of eyes shining at the camera(right).
Clare Oakley said the 'disheartening' discovery was made on Tuesday on her way to the supermarket. Source: 9 News

Instead the couple had unknowingly discovered a litter of five 12-week-old puppies which had been abandoned in chilly conditions.

"To think that someone had dumped such small and innocent creatures on such a cold night on a dark side road where they might not necessarily have a chance of getting found was really disheartening," she said.

The couple took the five boxer-cross dogs home and later took them to a animal rehoming centre Scruffer Lovers.

Two of the five boxer-cross dogs can be seen drinking water from a bowl.
The couple cared for the dogs overnight before taking them to a local animal rehoming centre. Source: 9 News

Hefty fine for dumping offence

The person responsible for dumping the dogs is still unknown, however anyone found guilty of this offence in the state can face a $20,000 fine or up to two years imprisonment, under South Australia's Animal Welfare Act.

"It was lucky that they were rescued by the people but we would encourage anyone in a position where they can't look after their pet to ask for help," Andrea Lewis from the RSPCA said.

Dogs are being surrendered at an alarming rate across the country, with the surging cost of living and housing crisis forcing Aussies to give up their pets as many are no longer able to afford basic care for the animal.

"In a matter of one hour there were multiple phone calls and 33 animals people asked to surrender ... There's been a real influx," Bree Sands from SMART Animal Sanctuary and Rehoming Centre in NSW, told Yahoo earlier this month.

Pet owners often resort to dumping their animals as a surrender fee is required by rehoming centres.

"Maybe they couldn't find a home, maybe they just couldn't afford to look after them any longer," Kylie Bennier from Scruffer Lovers told 9 News.

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