Melbourne neighbour shames dog owner with 'petty' sign

The sign's unwritten instruction was clear to everyone who walked by.

Another dog owner has been called out for committing the unthinkable — leaving his dog's poo to bask in the sun.

An image of the man, who was distractedly looking at his phone while his pet did its business, has been taped to a pole in Melbourne's north by a fed-up neighbour. Despite no words being written alongside the photograph, the message was received loud and clear, with a poo bag conscientiously tapped underneath.

The image of a man can be seen holding a dog leash, while his dog is doing a poo. The image is tapped to a pole with a poo bag tapped underneath, clearly instructing him to clear up the dog poo.
The picture of the dog owner was taped to a pole on a residential street in Melbourne, with unwritten instruction to clean up his dog poo. Source: Reddit/KingFD

An amused resident who passed by the pole snapped a shot and uploaded it to Reddit with the simple caption: "Pick up after your dog." It remains unclear who the dog walker is and who created the sign, however, its unfortunately not the first time a disgruntled neighbour has been forced to deploy this tactic.

'Petty' dog poo signs on the rise

The sighting on Friday is the latest in a string of similar signs popping up all over the country, as Aussies fight for their right to have clean shoes, tired of the threat that dog faeces pose.

Only last week, a sign shaming another dog owner was spotted in Adelaide. The angry note, which included a CCTV image, read: "You seem to enjoy leaving your doggos doo-doos on my lawn. If it happens again, I’ll happily return them."

In February, a pet owner in Sydney's south was caught red-handed on video, appearing to pretend to bend down and pick up his dog excrement, before folding the poo bag up and tucking it into his pocket.

'Can't get away with sh*t these days'

The internet lapped up this latest addition, with many sharing their own stories about people not picking up after their four-legged friends. "Yep, my ex never used to pick up after his family dog when he took him for a walk, even when I nagged him about it," one woman shared.

"Love this hostile energy! I chased down a guy the other day who let his dog shit on my lawn, gave him a bag and made the pr**k clean it up," another said.

However, some Reddit users deemed the neighbour's behaviour "petty".

The majority of Melbourne metropolitan councils have laws around proper dog excrement removal, with owners facing fines ranging from $50 to $200 if caught in the act.

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