Heart-stopping moment dog seen wandering on ledge of apartment block

A stunned neighbour spotted movement outside her window and captured the dog's adventure on video.

The heart-stopping moment a small dog was spotted walking along the outside ledge of an apartment building has been caught on camera.

A neighbour had to do a double take after she noticed movement outside her window and was stunned to spot the four-legged pet casually walking along the ledge of the adjacent high-rise apartment building in Zetland, Sydney.

The ledge is positioned several storeys above the ground and was just narrow enough for the dog to teeter along past residential windows.

The dog on the ledge of an apartment block in Zetland.
The dog was spotted walking along the ledge of an apartment building, shocking onlookers at how close it was to falling. Source: TikTok / vonspaghetties

Cathryn Von Samorzewski grabbed her phone and videoed the small, white dog walking along the perimeter of the building. The dog then turned to face away from the building to seemingly check out the view from its new vantage point – a moment which left viewers on the edge of their seat when the video was posted on TikTok.

Social media reacts to dog's close call: 'It's a miracle'

It appears the dog was not afraid of heights as it walked unfazed along the edge, but the same could not be said about worried viewers who shared their concern for the dog's safety.

"Oh my gosh! I'd have been so anxious I'd have thrown up my dinner," one said.

"Holy sh*t, it's a miracle it didn't fall," said another.

However, according to Ms Von Samorzewski, the dog was unharmed despite its precarious venture.

"[The dog] made it home safe, totally fine", she wrote.

It is unclear how the animal managed to get onto the ledge in the first place or how it managed to safely return home.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to Ms Von Samorzewski for further information.

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