Resident shames neighbour with angry dog poo note

The Adelaide resident's politely worded sign had a serious undertone.

A crafty resident in Adelaide's southeast has decided to publicly shame a local dog walker after he continuously left his pet's "doo-doos" on her front lawn.

The cardboard sign, complete with a screenshot of the culprit and his pet from CCTV footage, was fixed to the grass outside the Glenside property, letting the man know she was well aware of and not happy about his new habit. “You seem to enjoy leaving your doggos doo-doos on my lawn. If it happens again, I’ll happily return them," the sign read.

Left: The dog poo note can be seen on the grass, reading 'You seem to enjoy leaving your doggos doo-doos on my lawn. If it happens again, I'll happily return them'. Right: The dog owner can be seen in CCTV footage wearing a bright yellow top while the dog is doing his business on the lawn.
The dog poo note was left outside the Glenside resident's property on Monday after the dog owner was accused of continuously leaving his pet's faeces on the front lawn. Source: Reddit/moments_ago

In the image the dog owner is standing with his hands in his pockets, waiting for his pet to finish its business on the front lawn. A photo of the note was posted on Reddit with the caption: "First world problems in leafy Glenside."

Social media react to 'petty' sign

The comments section was full of applause for the resident, sharing that despite being somewhat petty, they believe the sign could be an effective tactic to deter the dog owner from further offences.

"This is inspirational! I’m getting ideas about how to manage this happening on my verge now too," one man wrote, while another agreed the behaviour was out of order. "Sorry, but dog owners who leave their dog sh*t everywhere are the problem, first world or not."

Dodgy poo acts seemingly spreading in residential areas

The incident comes after another dog owner was caught red-handed in Sydney's south in February, spotted on CCTV footage pretending to pick up his dog's droppings. After checking if anyone is around, he appears to turn on his heel and walk away, leaving the dog faeces on the property's lawn.

According to the Dog and Cat Management Act of 1995, South Australian dog owners who do not pick up their pet's excrement are guilty of an offence and could be fined up to $1,250.

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