Aussie man's frightening encounter while taking out the bins

A Townsville resident was greeted by a surprise visitor while taking out his bins on Monday morning.

Like he does every week, Daniel Touché Fealy kicked the bin back onto its wheels and began to push it down his driveway to the edge of the road when he felt something underneath his thong.

The jumpy moment as the snake was spotted was caught on a security camera.
The jumpy moment was caught on a security camera. Source: Facebook

Looking down to investigate he got quite a shock when he realised he had in fact stood on a snake that was hiding under the wheelie bin.

The entire incident was captured on a security camera angled at Mr Touché Fealy's front door and he decided to post the footage to a Townsville Facebook page, sharing his reaction with the community and poking fun at himself.

"Better than a morning coffee" he wrote, referring to the video that shows him jumping back in fright and scrambling momentarily while swearing.

According to Mr Touché Fealy, the snake was a spotted python. It had been lying underneath the bin and was completely hidden from view before it was moved.

The "beautiful" snake was unharmed despite the sudden disturbance and thankfully Mr Touché Fealy sustained no injuries during the encounter. The snake "went on its way" and caused nothing more than a quick scare.

Picture is Daniel and the snake.
Daniel Touché Fealy was shocked to find a snake in his front yard. Source: Facebook / Daniel Touché Fealy

Spotted python caused no harm

Australian Reptile Park describes spotted pythons as docile in nature and they are commonly spotted in northeast Queensland.

Spotted Pythons are relatively small compared to other species, growing to approximately one metre in length, and are one of Australia’s most commonly kept reptiles as pets.

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