Aussie couple's panic as brown snake lunges at cat in backyard

A frightening confrontation between a pet cat and a deadly snake in a Sydney backyard has been captured on video.

Dramatic footage has captured the moment a family’s pet cat came within millimetres of death after discovering a deadly eastern brown snake in a backyard in Sydney’s west.

In a video posted to TikTok, the feline can be seen sniffing the reptile’s long body in the corner of the garden in Glenmore Park off Bradley Street before the snake suddenly lunges towards the cat.

As its owners scream out in a mad panic, “Nala, Nala, Nala!”, the snake rears up as if getting ready to strike. Suddenly the camera’s view falls to the ground as the couple desperately call their pet to them.

The cat sniffing the snake (left) and the snake lunging at the cat (right).
A video posted to TikTok captured the moment one of Australia's deadliest snakes lunged at a pet cat. Source: TikTok

Seconds later a thankful meow can be heard as the cat walks back into the shot by the man’s feet, fortunately unharmed.

In further footage the snake can be seen slithering along the garden bed before it disappears under a large green hedge.

Cat escapes with life as snake delivers a warning

Posted to TikTok with the caption, “eastern brown snake vs cat in Glenmore Park back garden,” the video has since racked up 101,000 views since it was uploaded on Monday.

Responding to some of the 200 comments, Nala’s owner said it was “very lucky” she didn’t get bitten.

“She came when we called and the snake just rose up as a warning and didn’t strike,” a grateful Rachel Glover wrote online. “I think she wasn’t giving aggressive vibes so snake just gave her a warning. We are shaken but ok.”

She went on to explain to followers that they called for a snake catcher right away but his efforts were unsuccessful.

“The snake catcher came but [the snake] couldn’t be located after an extensive search,” Rachel said. “The snake catcher said it looks close to 1.8 metres which is the biggest one they had caught.”

“Not going outside EVER!” she added.

While Rachel said they will look to put some finer netting or mesh on the bottom of the fence to help prevent it happening again, she urged neighbours to keep their pets inside.

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