Snake catcher's shock at 'biggest ever' eastern brown found in home

A snake catcher has caught the biggest eastern Brown Snake he has ever seen and successfully relocated the deadly reptile.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers shared the photos of the huge snake to their Facebook page.

“It’s been a day of Brown snakes that’s for sure,” the Facebook post said. “But it’s also the day we relocated the biggest Brown snake I have ever seen.

“We predict this snake to be well over two metres and nearly as thick as a coke can!”

Picture of Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers with the eastern brown snake which would have been over 2 metres long.
Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers have caught an eastern brown snake which would have measured over two metres long. Source: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7.

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said even if a snake is just slightly over two metres, it is actually a huge deal.

“Ever centimetre over is a big deal,” Mr McKenzie told Yahoo News Australia.

“He [the brown snake] was probably only 2.1 [metres long] but that to me is well over, because we never come across them that big.”

According to the Facebook post, the snake was caught at a home in the Sunshine Coast hinterland region.

Many people in the comments were thankful the snake catchers were able to remove the reptile safely.

“What a gorgeous snake. Glad you guys are good at what you do and put distance between people and snakes.”

Donnie Guerin from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers holds the huge eastern brown snake by the tail.
Donnie Guerin from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers with the huge eastern brown snake before releasing it. Source: Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7.

Although brown snakes have proven to be quite useful in terms of pest control, they pose a danger to humans and pets.

Brown snakes have caused more deaths than any other snake in Australia, according to the Australian Museum and its venom is considered to be the second most toxic venom in the world.

How experts cope with Australia’s venomous snakes

Mr McKenzie said ‘scared’ wasn’t the right word to describe his emotions when dealing with venomous snakes.

“There’s a little bit of nervous energy,” he said.

“But that little bit of nervous energy keeps you safe on the job. Without that we would be making mistakes and we’d get bitten.

“You need that respect and nervous energy and you’ve got to be confident in your ability and what you’re doing.”

Eastern brown snakes are also often referred to simply as ‘brown snakes’ and are abundant in rural areas which have been modified for agricultural purposes, although it is not uncommon for them to be spotted in suburbia, according to Australian Museum.

Brown snakes are usually found from Queensland to South Australia.

Mr McKenzie advises people to stay away from brown snakes if one is spotted nearby, and to also keep pets away. Instead of trying to get rid of the reptile yourself, he urges people to call their local snake catcher to come and remove it.

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