Deadly snake squeezes under door to hide in family's fridge

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

A South Australia resident’s find in their kitchen on Tuesday without doubt qualifies as a ‘chilling discovery’.

That’s because the slithery intruder who had made its way inside the Kangarilla home decided to find solace in the back of their fridge.

Ange Broadstock of Snake Catchers Adelaide was called out to the address when a large brown snake squeezed under a door into the home.

The seasoned snake catcher told Yahoo7 News while the family showed obvious signs of “panic” when spotting the deadly snake, they managed to contain the snake to the one room.

Ange found the brown snake ‘chilling’ in the back of a fridge. Source: Snake Catchers Adelaide

“They did a good job of sealing up the room so we definitely knew it would still be in there,” she said.

After searching high and low, they eventually found the reptile coiled up in the back of the fridge before Ms Broadstock safely removed it.

Following the call out, Ms Broadstock warned residents that homes need to be sufficiently proofed to ensure such encounters don’t become a common occurrence.

“Homes need to have good door seals so snakes can’t squeeze under the door in the first place,” she told Yahoo7 News.

“Snakes love to follow straight lines like fence lines and around houses.

“So if a snake is following a house line then comes to a door and feels a cool breeze from an air conditioner especially on a hot day then, if it can, it will squeeze under the door and usually head for a cool hiding spot.”

Ms Broadstock said kitchens and bathrooms were popular spots for snakes who often like to hide under dishwashers, fridges or washing machines.

“The best advice is inspect and fix door seals. Snakes only require a few millimetres to squeeze through.”

She advised that if you encounter a snake inside your home try not to panic and close off the room by pushing a towel under potential exits.

The discovery comes just a day after Snake Catchers Adelaide had to deal with an eastern brown protruding from the plug hole of a kitchen sink.