Fury over apartment resident's alleged dog poo act: ' Absolutely appalling'

Brisbane City Council has offered to step in to help bring to justice the mystery poo thrower.

A Brisbane resident's alleged inconsiderate act has reached new heights this week with a neighbour claiming he was hit by falling dog poo from an apartment balcony.

The furious neighbour called out the culprit's "appalling" behaviour in a social media post on Monday and claimed the guilty suspect has a filthy habit of "routinely" flinging the faeces over the balcony.

The man said he was walking along Longland Street in Newstead, an inner-city riverside suburb in Brisbane, and said droppings often land on the footpath from the waterside apartment building above — but this time it was a little different.

Left: Highlighted apartment balconies at the Union apartments in Newstead. Right: A file picture of dog faeces.
An image showing a unit block in Newstead where a resident says dog poo has been thrown from. Source: Courier Mail and Getty Images.

"Whomever is routinely throwing dog poo from their ‘Unison’ balcony to the footpath below on 12 Longland Street, Newstead, your behaviour is absolutely appalling," the Brisbane man wrote in a post shared by Courier Mail.

"I've seen it fall before, today... you got me. When I find out who you are, expect similar treatment, understandably. Use your designated refuse area, or put your pet up for adoption, you cretin."

Council to help find the dog poo culprit

The victim appeared desperate to find out who was responsible and even mapped out on a photo where he thought the poo was thrown from. In an image shared on Facebook, the Newstead resident highlighted a handful of balconies on the right side of the building, where he believes the poo-throwing culprit may live.

A spokesperson for the Brisbane City Council said they are "more than happy" to step in and help solve the issue of the mysterious poo thrower.

The Unison apartment block is in the riverside suburb of Newstead, Brisbane.
The poo thrower allegedly lives in the Unison apartment block in the riverside suburb of Newstead, Brisbane. Source: Google Images

"These allegations are disgusting and Brisbane City Council is more than happy to work with the body corporate of this residential building to hold this person accountable and pursue them for littering," Civic Cabinet Chair for City Standards Kim Marx told Yahoo News Australia. "We all need to be responsible pet owners and do our part to keep our city clean, green and sustainable."

Failing to pick up and correctly disposing of animal droppings when in public can result in a fine of $287, according to Brisbane City Council’s website. Similar penalties are imposed by other council areas across the country, however, the fine amount will vary.

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