Furious homeowner covers car in DOG POO in parking row

A stunned driver has had her car covered in dog poo and boiling water in a bizarre confrontation over a parking spot.

Natalie Mayers, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach, had parked on a residential street in Toowoomba, Queensland, and was walking back to her vehicle when she noticed a woman allegedly pouring something over it.

She began filming as she approached the car and found the woman still standing inside the gate of a nearby house.

A photo of the woman who allegedly covered the woman's car in poo and boiling water. A photo of the car covered in poo.
A woman living in Toowoomba, Queensland, was walking to her car after work when she saw it had been covered in poo and boiling water. Source: TikTok

“Hey, I just recorded you pouring boiling water over my paint job,” Ms Mayers says as the woman tries to deny it. “It’s still steaming!” she continues, panning to her car to show clumps of dog poo scattered along the roof.

The homeowner then reveals the source of her frustration is Ms Mayer’s choice of parking spot – which is legally parked on the public road.

“Why did you park in front of my house when there's a sign here saying ‘please don’t’ and the street is empty?” the older woman asks. “You’ve been here over three hours. I’ve taken a photo of what time you got here and what time I’ve done this.”

A handwritten sign attached the woman’s front gate reads: “Please do not park outside our house while you go to work. Thank you.”

Ms Mayers later said she hadn’t seen the sign until she returned to her car – though the sign is not lawful.

When Ms Mayers said she’d be calling police, the homeowner encouraged her to. A close up video of the car show the faeces caking her roof and even sitting around her windscreen wipers.

Ms Mayers revealed in a follow-up video that she ended up calling police because the woman allegedly threatened her. “They told me to move my car further down the road and that they’d send police out,” she said.

“She’s definitely being charged and does have to go to court over it. It’s crazy what you can get away with in Toowoomba!”

Two photos of the car covered in poo.
The poo was plastered all over her car. Source: TikTok

She added she is “so thankful” for all the support and kind words she’s received since her video was uploaded. Viewers commended her attitude, with many saying they would not be so calm.

“Wow, you’re so much of a better person than I could ever be! I’d be plotting some serious evil revenge,” one wrote. “My anger issues would’ve seen me being charged,” another added.

According to Toowoomba Regional Council, parking along an unsigned street is legal unless it is parked across a driveway or footpath, or on a nature strip.

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