Neighbours slammed for 'lazy' wheelie bin habit

A resident's annoying habit has divided opinion online – but what do you think?

Let's face it, at least one of our neighbours has done something a little irritating, whether they mean to or not. But this "lazy" and seemingly common habit has got most people grinding their teeth.

A frustrated Sydneysider shared a picture on Tuesday of their neighbour's wheelie bins sitting on their lawn near the gutter. They appear to have attracted quite the audience, with several birds seen lingering near fallen rubbish.

"Neighbours refuse to bring their bins into their yard, preferring to go outside each time to throw something away," they wrote on Reddit. "Wind blows the crap all over, attracting wildlife [and] scattering it even further."

A photo of the bins left out all week on a Sydney street, attracting birds who are eating the rubbish. Another photo of a street with the bins out on bin day.
A Sydney neighbour's habit of keeping their bins out all the time has attracted much criticism. Source: Reddit/Getty

The resident claimed their neighbours are the "only house" in the area who do this. "Seems laziness just oozes from these people. Any suggestions?" they wrote.

Social media users react to photo of bins

The post, which has attracted more than 230 comments, clearly resonated with Redditors, many of which criticised the neighbours.

"It's not lazy though, just mega stupid," one person said. "Ain't it more effort to walk out to these bins each time you're throwing garbage out daily rather than closer to the back door or side of house as per normal?"

"I'm a firm believer in minding your own business, but having the birds get in and spreading sh*t all over the street is annoying as f**k," another said.

Some people said the residents may leave the bins out so they don't forget on the designated day.

"It's because they simply can't be bothered to put a reminder on their phone when it's bin night," one person explained. "Have a friend who leaves his out because he can't remember when bin night is."

"They might genuinely have memory issues," another piped in. "Some people really struggle with infrequent and regular tasks like bin night due to medical conditions."

However, the Sydneysider who posted about the annoying habit said five people lived in the home and they highly doubt all of them have "this same memory issue".

What can be done about it?

Asking for solutions to solve the problem, many people suggested the resident report the issue to their local council if talking to the neighbours doesn't work.

"I would talk to them nicely. If they don't change or don't want to change then I'd snitch," one person said.

Others put forth some creative, more roundabout ways to tackle the issue. "Maybe do a passive aggressive print out of your local council," one said.

"I had neighbours like this. I wheeled them several streets away. When they didn't learn, I did it again. It took four times, but they got the hint," another added, which the Reddit poster appreciated.

"Good idea, I have placed it in the centre of their driveway before though," they replied. "They weren't phased at all. I have to walk through our front garden at least twice a week to remove the rubbish."

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