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Woman shamed by neighbour after taking out her bins: 'The audacity'

A woman has shared a brutal note she received from her neighbour shaming her for her outfit while taking out her rubbish bins.

Posting a video on TikTok, the woman appeared embarrassed as she covered her mouth before sharing a photo of the neighbour's pointed message.

"Hi – My husband can see you on our Ring camera," the note read.

"Please put pants on when you take out your trash!!!"

The note was simply signed off: "Your neighbour."

When sharing the note the woman suggested she wasn't going to change her habits.

"Nah, I'm good luv, enjoy," she captioned the video.

The woman shared the savage nnote on TikTok. Source: TikTok/@emilyk8zz
The woman shared the savage note on TikTok. Source: TikTok/@emilyk8zz

People on TikTok responded to the post, coming up with a number of sarcastic ideas for the woman to use in a reply.

"Write back, 'Thanks, but I'm good. Talk to your husband, not me'," one suggested.

"Tell them to turn off the camera," another replied on TikTok.

"Say, 'You're welcome'," a third added.

Others thought the neighbour behind the critical note was out of line.

"Do what you want," a comment read.

"The audacity," a furious TikToker shared.

"We've all done this," a third said.

The note however sparked debate, with some questioning why the woman would leave her house so underdressed.

"Do you not wear pants?" one questioned alongside a shocked emoji.

"Why would anyone take out the trash without clothes on?" somebody else commented.

"It's hard to believe that someone has to tell you to get dressed before leaving the house," a third said.

Neighbour's note to Sydney grandparents sparks debate

A Sydney apartment block next to a letter from a neighbour.
A note left by a neighbour for people taking care of their grandchildren in Ashfield, Sydney, has generated mixed opinions. Source: Reddit/ Sarcasticman22

It comes after a Sydney resident minding their grandkids in an apartment block copped a savage note from the neighbour.

A man posted on Reddit the note received by his in-laws in Ashfield, who were baby-sitting their grandchildren on a 'one-off' occasion.

The letter was addressed to the grandparents and claimed they weren't efficiently supervising the children.

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