Neighbour's note to Sydney grandparents sparks debate

A savage note received by a Sydney resident minding their grandkids in an apartment block has shocked people after being shared online.

A man posted on Reddit the note received by his in-laws in Ashfield, who were baby-sitting their grandchildren on a 'one-off' occasion.

"A note my in-laws were handed over the fence at their town house in Ashfield, while looking after our kids on a much needed date night," he said.

A note (pictured on the right) left by a neighbour for people taking care of their grandchildren in Strathfield, Sydney, has procured mixed opinions. Source: Reddit/ Sarcasticman22
A note left by a neighbour for people taking care of their grandchildren in Ashfield, Sydney, has generated mixed opinions. Source: Reddit/ Sarcasticman22

The letter was addressed to the grandparents and claimed they weren't efficiently supervising the children.

"Could you please consider that sound travels and your grandkids are making a lot of noise," it read.

"We are all entitled to the ‘peaceful enjoyment’ in our apartments. Today your visitors have been screaming and dragging loud toys and disturbing the peace.

"You live in high-density housing with lots of neighbours. We have kids in our building and they go to the park when they need to make noise. You can too."

The person said they "just wanted a nice quiet day" in their apartment but couldn't because the grandparents' "supervision of kids is non existent".

The neighbour also threatened to contact Strata and police as they are "aware of (their) rights".

"There is no need for screaming. Thank you. It is our day of rest on Sunday," it continued.

People share thoughts on Reddit

There were mixed opinions on the incident, with some people thinking the neighbour was just being dramatic.

"Imagine living in high-density housing and complaining about the noise of other humans," one person said.

"Hand them a brochure for noise cancelling headphones," another said.

And the fact that it wasn't at night made people think the neighbours request was "completely unreasonable".

"Suggesting children shouldn’t express delight when they are playing because you don’t want to annoy the weirdo neighbour who hates kids is over the top," one reddit user said.

"Kids playing... with toys... during the day... on a weekend. This is unacceptable!" another said.

"I appreciate that they tried to deal with the problem directly, rather than just calling the police or whatever. They still need to have a greater tolerance as this seems to be a one off," a third person said.

But others supporter the note writer, thinking that not making noise was "common courtesy".

"If you're loud enough to disturb those around you with noise and being a nuisance — you deserve to be called out," one man said.

"As an apartment dweller myself, I totally understand their point. We have young kids too but make every effort to teach them to not bang and jump around as it echoes through the building," said another.

"It’s no different to barking dogs, yelling, loud music, and thumping and crashing. Don’t do it. And stop your guests of any age doing it either," another said.

According to NSW Environment Protection Authority, noise restrictions apply between midnight to 8am on Friday, Saturday or any day preceding a public holiday and 10pm to 8am on any other day.

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