Schoolies' wild behaviour revealed in 'feral' footage

From hotel rooms littered with empty pizza boxes and cans to revellers reportedly being punished for excessive alcohol possession, the wild and “feral” behaviour of some students celebrating schoolies has been shared online.

Just three days into the annual “rite of passage”, TikTok has been inundated with footage of school-leavers partying on the Gold Coast, which is expected to host 20,000 people during the first week.

Empty pizza boxes, beer cans and condoms in a schoolies' hotel room.
Revellers have posted videos of their hotel rooms in various states of disarray. Source: TikTok

In one clip, a teen captures the chaotic state of the hotel room he and his friends are staying in. “Every schoolies room right now,” the footage is captioned. It shows piles of clothes heaped on the ground, empty beer cartons, vapes, condoms and pizza boxes scattered around the room, and a fridge full of booze.

Another video shows another hotel room in a similar state after just two nights. A packet of sausage rolls and pies can be seen on the floor, with dirty dishes everywhere and a funnel for chugging drinks.

The two teen boys claiming they were kicked out of their hotel room.
In one TikTok, two teen boys claim they were kicked out of their hotel on the first day of schoolies for 'excessive possession of alcohol'. Source: TikTok

In one TikTok, two teen boys claim they were kicked out of their hotel on the first day of schoolies for “excessive possession of alcohol”. While someone in the comments said they believed the claim was fake, the boys later revealed some friends had let them crash in their room at the Hilton.

Another teen girl claimed she had been “kicked out” of her original apartment, lost her licence at a beach party and got heatstroke while lining up for wrist bands. “[Schoolies] is off to a great start,” she said.

Additional footage shows revellers waiting in long lines to get into nightclubs, or queuing to use the lifts at the Hilton.

“Disrespectful” school leavers have already been slammed for leaving a sea of rubbish outside of the Hungry Jacks restaurant in Surfers Paradise on Sunday morning.

Virgin Australia flight attendant fumes over grubby passengers

A Virgin Australia flight attendant has gone viral after capturing the “catastrophic” state a plane was left in following a flight to Queensland.

“School holidays + Gold Coast flights,” she captioned the TikTok last month, which shows chips and crumbs smashed into the carpet and some seats. Stickers can also be seen scattered on the floor and chairs. The flight attendant said she also found stickers stuck to the toilet floor and a vacuum was not enough to clean up the mess.

The Virgin flight attendant and the mess on the plane.
A Virgin Australia flight attendant highlighted the awful condition a plane was left in following a recent flight to the Gold Coast. Source: TikTok

She said the cabin crew clean in-between flights throughout the day and cleaners detail the planes at night.

The footage has racked up almost 500,000 views, with some Aussies claiming schoolies is to blame. “This year’s schoolies is feral,” one person said. “Gotta love schoolies,” another added.

However, the video was posted late last month before celebrations kicked off. The sticker book also implies children were involved in creating the muck.

“This is disgusting! I would never let my children or grandchildren do this. I don’t understand how people are so gross,” one woman commented.

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