Woman's incredible 101kg find in wall of home

A homeowner was shocked to discover a strange liquid oozing from the wall of her home, which led her to break down the wall to see what was inside.

Diana Gomes and her husband, from Fremantle in Western Australia, first saw the "thick and sticky" substance oozing from the skirting board in their older home, eventually forming a puddle on their living room floor.

At first, the couple thought it was blood, Diana told Yahoo News Australia, but after a quick sniff they suspected it was honey, and a tiny taste confirmed it was.

Desperate to know where it was coming from, Diana's husband cut through the Gyprock to reveal over 100kg of honey, which had been accumulating behind the walls for years.

Couple find 100kg of honey behind a wall in their home after it began leaking through the skirting boards
A woman and her husband were shocked to discover 101kg of honey behind the wall of their home after seeing it oozing from the skirting board. Source: Supplied

Diana has been detailing the ordeal on Facebook, where social media users became equally invested in the discovery.

She later revealed incredible pictures of their findings in her home and people were amazed by what they saw.

'Massive' hive discovered inside wall

Videos show a huge hole concealed behind the wall with every inch of it filled with chunks of oozing honeycomb.

Luckily there were no bees in sight, just an "old massive hive".

Although, after speaking with their neighbours, they learned that the previous owners did have issues with bees in the past.

But she suspects they removed the bees and closed the chimney, leaving honey and the hive inside.

"This honey was accumulated in the fireplace and with the crazy heat this year the honey melted and leaked through the walls," she revealed on Facebook.

The homeowner said they managed to clean it up themselves but it was "a very hard job".

"We used a long piece of metal to clean the chimney, to scrape the sides of it internally and make sure we were removing everything," Diana told Yahoo News Australia.

"From the top, it was dropping dried smoked hive. All the honey had already melted and [had] accumulated on the bottom of the fireplace and fireplace walls."

The couple were forced to remove the honey themselves and clean up the mess before repairing closing up the hole
The couple were forced to remove the honey themselves and clean up the mess before repairing closing up the hole. Source: Supplied

Diana and her husband filled six large garbage bags with each weighing up to 20kgs each.

"The bags were so big and heavy that they didn’t even fit our rubbish bin," she said.

"We had to ask the neighbours to put some bags in their bins."

Social media fascinated by 'phenomenal' discovery

Facebook users were blown away and couldn't believe how much golden honey the Perth couple had pulled from their walls.

"That's quite phenomenal," one person said.

"Never seen anything like it before," another added.

The couple were forced to discard everything as spiders and insects had found comfort in the honey.

"We're not sure if the honey was contaminated or not so we just had to discard it all," she said.

"We don’t know what the previous owners did to remove the bees [either]. Parts of the beehive looked smoked, so we believe they smoked the bees before closing the chimney."

Diana said they first caught sight of the "strange" substance when they moved the couch in their living room.

The couple has since boarded up the hole and added a lick of paint.

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