'What the hell?': Dolphin filmed swimming past Melbourne houses

Locals in northwest Melbourne had an unexpected visitor when a rogue dolphin was spotted frolicking in the Maribyrnong River in front of several houses.

A TikTok of the dolphin swimming along the waterway was uploaded by a user who was surprised by the fin sticking out of the water along the residential area.

"What the hell? Why is there a dolphin? I hope it's okay," the woman who filmed the clip can be heard saying.

In a comment, they added the footage was taken near Essendon Rowing Club in Moonee Ponds.

Screenshot of TikTok showing the fin of the dolphin sticking out of the river in front of a house.
The dolphin was spotted swimming along the river in front of houses. Source: TikTok/ haggischef

The video both alarmed and delighted users, with some concerned the dolphin could be lost while others marvelled at the animal playing.

"Hope it's not lost," said one worried user.

"The Maribyrnong, runs for 160 kilometres from its source on the slopes of Mount Macedon through to Port Phillip Bay," one user commented, saying it should find its way back.

"As a marine biologist this total fine , the little guy probably got lost in wrong stream," another said.

"Dolphins always swim up the Maribyrnong river," another chimed in. "Have done in all the 55 years I’ve been alive."

Not uncommon to see dolphins in Maribyrnong River

Jeff Weir, the Dolphin Research Institute’s Executive Director, said it's not uncommon to see the dolphins in the river, saying they're often in search of food.

"The food tends to be thin and spread out, it's not the most productive time during summer," he explained to Yahoo News Australia.

"And so it becomes really productive and you get these massive schools of baitfish after summer when the weather gets warmer."

"It's certainly exciting and not every day, but it's not all that unusual," he said. "They will be up there looking for food."

Mr Weir said dolphins are also often spotted in the Yarra River near Southbank and the Patterson River in Port Phillip.

Water Police standing around a dolphin in a sling to rescue it after it was stranded in shallow water.
Water Police rescuing a dolphin in Port Phillip Bay on the central coast of southern Victoria. Source: AAP/ Victoria Police

Police rescue dolphin on Melbourne beach

On Monday afternoon water police were called to Greenwich Reserve, Williamstown to rescue a dolphin stuck in shallow water.

A dolphin has been rescued, with four officers sent out on two inflatable rescue boats to tow the marooned mammal into deeper water using a sling.

Animal experts assessed the dolphin before it was successfully released.

"Our members often see dolphins in the bay during patrols and it's great to see this one back where it belongs," Leading Senior Constable Tony Christensen said.

"We hope to cross paths again — but this time well away from shore."

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