Aldi shopper reveals major problem in trolley load of groceries

An Aldi customer has taken a stance against excessive plastic packaging, removing her groceries from the wrappers and leaving behind a giant pile of plastic on the supermarket's packing bench.

The UK customer, known only as Jackie, attached a statement to the store window and shared images of her protest to a Facebook group called ‘Overheard in Aldi’, attracting over 1400 comments.

An Aldi customer standing next to the plastic she unwrapped from her groceries.
The customer deamnded a 'radical rethink' on Aldi's plastic policy. Source: Facebook

“Dear Aldi manager, I am leaving my plastic packaging today as I object to its excessive use in your store and the lack of alternatives," her poster read.

"Plastic pollution is a major risk to the health of the earth and all living creatures.

"Please contact your head office and request a radical rethink on packaging policy and review of alternatives from a member of climate action Derbyshire.”

A woman unwrapping groceries in ALDI to show the amount of plastic used.
An Aldi customer unwrapped all of her groceries to show the amount of single-use plastic from one UK store. Source: Facebook

Jackie explained that if everyone did the same thing, stores would be left with a huge amount of un-recyclable packaging in store to clean up.

According to the Facebook post the store manager promised to photograph Jackie’s efforts and forward it to Aldi’s head office for consideration.

An Aldi UK spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia they are aiming to reduce the amount of plastic in their packaging by 50 per cent within the next four years.

“At Aldi we are committed to further reducing plastic throughout our stores and have pledged to halve our plastic packaging footprint by 2025.

“We have already removed over 7,400 tonnes of plastic from across our range, including banning single-use plastic bags for loose fruit and veg, removing plastic lids from yoghurt and cream pots and removing all shrink-wrapping from own-label multipack soft drinks.”

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