Aldi mum calls out 'unacceptable' shopping habit

An Aldi customer has taken to Facebook to complain after spotting products ripped open and left in a mess on the shelves.

“I don’t know what kind of human did this,” the frustrated mother wrote in the Aldi Mum’s Facebook page, along with two photos of what she described as “upsetting”.

The images showed boxes of glad wrap ripped open and the cling film unravelled, as well as boxes of ziplock bags that had been opened with bags removed from each packet.

ALDI products opened in store and left behind
'what kind of human did this?' Aldi shoppers left furious over store mess. Source: Facebook

“What did they expect to see from cling wrap boxes til they had to rip it apart and also why open the sandwich bag boxes as the measurements are written on the packaging,” she fumed.

“They didn’t think what they did cost Aldi and the employee time and money.”

The social media post prompted dozen of other Aldi fans to share they often witnessed similar behaviour while shopping.

“Someone had ripped open a tv the other day, why?” one user asked.

“I’ve seen women ripping tags off bags (that didn't hinder opening them to look inside) or yanking stuff out of boxes that's clearly marked on the outside. It's especially bad on special buys days and nothing seems to be off limits,” one woman commented.

"It seems to be an Aldi culture. I don’t see this at other stores but always at Aldi," another shopper wrote.

Several people mentioned they had bought items only to get them home and find certain parts missing or they refused to buy products because the only stock left was open.

"They still have a heap of reusable nappies and swimmers which I would buy BUT the parents have opened every single box and they’re all over the place," one person replied.

"What s***s me, is when the morons rip open boxes or packs, then they put it back and get an unopened undamaged pack!" another shopper wrote.

An Aldi shopper spotted similar behaviour in November when she said she watched a woman swap cage free eggs for the less expensive cage eggs.

An Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia customers are encouraged to look for information on packaging rather than opening products.

"We encourage our customers to read product information on the packaging and refrain from opening products in store. All customers are welcome to return to store for a full refund if they are unhappy with a purchase."

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