Aldi worker reveals secret code that shows discontinued items

A woman claiming to be an Aldi staff member says the supermarket uses secret codes on discontinued items.

The woman wrote on Facebook about Urban Eats Bao Buns no longer being in stock, claiming they are now on the supermarket’s “discontinued list”.

“For all you bao bun lovers out there, it might be time to stock up,” she wrote.

A photo of the price-tag was also shared with a small handwritten ‘d’ on it.

“My first thought when putting the lil D on the ticket ‘oh, the ALDI mums are going to be disappointed’,” she wrote.

An Aldi Supermarket is pictured.
A woman claiming to be an Aldi staff member claims the supermarket uses a secret code to say an item is being discontinued. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

The woman is suggesting the ‘d’ written on the tag refers to “discontinued”.

Aldi could not confirm to Yahoo News Australia that the ‘d’ means an item will no longer be on shelves.

But a spokesperson confirmed the buns are limited edition.

“We often release limited edition items as a way for us to share new creations with our customers, and we love it when they get such a great response,” the said.

“We definitely take our customers’ feedback into consideration when it comes to bringing favourite products back to shelves, or even adding them to our everyday range.”

What does the mark on the price tag mean?

Yahoo News Australia understands not all stores use a ‘d’ or a red sticker to mark limited edition items or ones which are set to be discontinued and may use their own system.

Aldi staff often mark shelves with limited edition items that won’t be restocked so they can find them more easily.

On Facebook, people were horrified the buns weren’t going to be available.

“I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life,” one woman wrote.

Others added they would need to stock up “ASAP”.

“I have no room in my freezer,” another woman wrote.

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