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Woolworths shopper finds surprising note inside online order

A Woolworths shopper has been left stunned after receiving a handwritten note and a heartfelt gift with her online order.

Sharing her surprising gift on a Woolworths fans Facebook page the customer posted a picture of the lovely gesture, which included a lengthy note written on a festive Woolworths card.

The gift came after it was revealed the online shopper shared some Christmas kindness herself with her local Woolies team in her order.

An exterior view of Woolworths Miranda supermarket during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.
The shopper says she wanted to send a kind Christmas gift to her local Woolworths team. Source: Getty Images (Daria Nipot via Getty Images)

“Be kind to your Woolies pickers and you might get treats. Merry Christmas,” she wrote alongside her image.

“I just add a choccy or something to my cart and address it to my picker with a little thank you.”

The shopper explained the easiest way to do it was to add a gift to your order and in the notes section, leave a message explaining it is for them. It’s that simple.

Woolworths team share Christmas cheer

Her gesture was well received by the Woolies team who said her surprise “made their day”.

“Thank you very much for your lovely note and surprise! It made our day,” the note read.

“We hope you and your family have a very Merry Xmas and safe New Year. From your online team. We look forward to packing your shopping next year.”

A box of Celebrations with a note from Woolworths staff.
The Woolies team sent a box of chocolates and a lengthy hand-written not with her order. Source: Facebook.

The lovely reply from the Woolworths team soon sparked a flurry of messages from other shoppers who couldn’t believe the kindness shown.

“That’s so nice. I commend all Woolworths staff they have so much to put up with and yet they still do a phenomenal job,” one person said.

“WOW-O-WOW that is amazing. In the 10 years + of home delivery I have never received anything like that. What a nice surprise with your order,” another added.

Other supermarket shoppers reveal their online gifts

Despite some shoppers being shocked by the surprise gift, others said they had received similar thoughtful inclusions in their online orders too.

“I got a bunch of flowers last Mother’s Day from Woolies,” one person wrote of her experience, while another said she had received flowers recently with her order.

A Woolworths customer's bunch of flowers that came with her online order.
Another shopper shared the flowers she recevied with her online order on her post. Source: Facebook.

“I just received a thank you card,” another revealed.

“I got 8 free packets of Monte Carlos last week. We order a packet every week so hubs was absolutely stoked to get 9! The fortnight before we got a big variety packet of chips,” a third said.

Why Woolworths staff send gifts

This isn't the first time a shopper has posted a surprise gift from their online packing team, in fact the kindness is part of a program run by Woolworths.

The Woolworths Good Acts Program encourages staff members to brighten the day of their customers, offering them little gifts.

Yahoo News understands these gestures are offered at the discretion of the individual Woolworths store teams.

“We try to bring a little good to our customers every day through our Good Acts program,” a Woolworths spokesperson recently told Yahoo News Australia.

“From handwritten notes to a box of chocolates, our team like to go above and beyond for our customers to make their shopping experience extra special.”

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