Woolworths Everyday Rewards: How shoppers banked $1000 in points

Savvy Woolworths shoppers are sharing Everyday Rewards hacks that helped them bank more than $1000 worth of points for Christmas.

An enthusiastic Woolworths customer started off a thread on popular Facebook group, Woolworths Rewards Enthusiasts, where fellow shoppers were encouraged to flex their rewards points.

“Welcome to the 2022 Hall of Points! This thread is to show off your totals that you have been squirrelling away, and collecting hard,” wrote the excited shopper in the post.

Everyday Rewards app interface beside the card logo
Everyday Rewards members shared their end-of-year points totals, which ranged from zero to over $1,100.

He urged fellow Woolies enthusiasts to share screenshots of their points section in the comments, while ensuring they covered the barcode to protect themselves from scammers.

The thread was quickly flooded with comments from hundreds of Woolworths shoppers who shared their end-of-year points totals, which ranged from zero to over $1,100.

Woolworths shoppers share their Everyday Rewards hacks

Jemma, a Woolworths shopper from the Riverina in southwest NSW, shared some hacks with Yahoo News Australia after accumulating $1400 worth of points over two years.

“Activate every offer, every bonus offer they give and check with other companies whether they take the Rewards card, like my electricity company, Origin Energy.

Last year, Woolworths launched a new deal for Everyday Rewards members that could score customers, like Jemma, an extra 10,000 points.

External shot of Woolworths store during Christmas
A Woolworths shopper suggests members activate every offer and bonus offer. Source: Getty

“They had a bonus sign-up for transferring your gas and electricity. I signed up and took advantage of all the bonus sign-up points and on top of that, every quarter when I get my bill, I’m also earning rewards points,” said Jemma.

She also suggested that members buy everyday items with bonus offers, like dishwashing liquid and toilet paper, to earn more points without spending more.

When asked how she planned to spend her Everyday Rewards points, Jemma didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Playstation 5!” she laughed.

Woolworths logo open on an iPhone with tech background
A Woolworths employee advised members to 'boost every offer' to collect more points. Source: Getty

Meanwhile, Janet, who is an avid Woolworths shopper and employee, earned $1,150 worth of Everyday Rewards points – with 190 points being gifted as a token of appreciation from her employer.

She admitted she surprised herself with her impressive points total this year, but said that she always made sure to “boost every offer” she receives and purchase the items that week.

“Most things are generally what I buy. Yes, I may have stocked up on things during the year, but it's good to have for backup when I do need them,” she explained.

How you can use your saved up Everyday Rewards points

Everyday Rewards members collect 1 point for every $1 spent, and can boost their points balance with offers through their inbox or the Everyday Rewards app.

Everyday Rewards members can unlock their Bank for Christmas savings online through the website or the app, which can then be enjoyed anytime between December 1 and January 1.

Woolworths also gives members extra boosters throughout the year to grow their banked savings.

In order to spend your points, you will need to unlock your Bank for Christmas by December 1 – otherwise, the remaining balance will be saved for next Christmas.

Woolworths’ General Manager, Everyday Rewards, Glen Baker told Yahoo News Australia that over half a million Everyday Rewards members have opted to bank their rewards points to spend over the festive season

“We know that Christmas can be an expensive time for our customers, that’s why our Everyday Rewards program provides members with the option to bank their points, to spend over the Christmas period,” explained Mr Baker.

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