Coles revealed as most affordable supermarket for Christmas food

Australian grocery comparison app Frugl has revealed new insights for Aussie shoppers ahead of the expensive Christmas period.

When it comes to stocking up early on Christmas groceries, Frugl revealed that this week, until Wednesday, Coles is the most affordable, coming in at $125.39.

A Christmas shop at Aldi follows in at second place and will set consumers back $131.97, while Woolworths is the most expensive with a festive basket costing $140.46 – that’s a saving of up $15.07 or $6.58 for Coles shoppers.

Woman pushes trolley past Christmas decorations in supermarket. Source: Getty Images
Australian grocery comparison app Frugl revealed new insights for Aussie shoppers ahead of Christmas. Source: Getty Images

The Christmas essentials Frugl compared when crunching the numbers included: turkey breast, half leg of ham, pudding, mince pies, ice cream, thickened cream, biscuits, puff pastry, Christmas wrapping paper, napkins and more.

Frugl’s Managing Director & CEO Sean Smith said that the festive season is a costly time of year for everyone, especially families.

“Frugl’s focus is to help Australian grocery shoppers make significant savings at the checkout we understand how a quick trip to the supermarket can add up,” said Mr Smith.

He suggested: “We encourage Australians to head into the shops early this year and stock up particularly on non-perishable items when they are on sale, to make the most of the best deals and to be organised for a delicious festive celebration.”

Table showing data comparing supermarket product costs
Frugl's data found that Coles was the most affordable supermarket for Christmas shopping this week. Source: Frugl

What is Frugl and how does it work?

Frugl is a free grocery price comparison and list building app that is designed to help customers save on their grocery bills.

Available for free download from the App store or Google Play store, the comparison app gives customers access to over 1,000 of the best deals each week across Coles and Woolworths.

To make Christmas grocery shopping even easier for shoppers, Frugl’s app includes six Feature Lists that are already in the app, such as all Australian ingredients, 5-star health rated products, Frugl’s top 20 favourites and more.

Frugl mockup of price comparison app. Source: Frugl
Frugl compares the best weekly deals from Coles and Woolworths. Source: Frugl

Savvy shoppers can also also create their own personalised lists in the Frugl app to ensure they find the best savings.

Meanwhile, Frugl provides users with access to free content within the app, such as shopping advice and tips and tricks.

Savvy shoppers share impressive supermarket bargains

Supermarket shoppers have recently been sharing some of their impressive bargains they have scored at Woolworths and Coles on the popular Facebook page, Markdown Addicts Australia.

On Friday, an ACT woman revealed that she snagged a huge 20kg chicken haul at Woolworths for a significant discount.

“Scored at Woolies at Woden in Canberra,” she told the group’s 238,000 members, alongside an accompanying photo of the impressive 23-item haul.

Photo of chicken haul from Woolworths. Source: Facebook
The savy shopper scored an incredible $48 saving on her 23kg chicken haul. Source: Facebook

The woman also scored two beef scotch fillet steaks for $6 and $8, two roast chickens for just over $10 each, two packs of chicken burger patties for $4.91, and two packs of chicken thighs for just over $5 each.

“We are a family of four so this is plenty for us,” the customer wrote in a comment.

She added: “I saved about $90 on this one – I’ve filled my freezer!”

Meanwhile, a Victorian Coles customer revealed she managed to score $113 worth of meat for $21.

Included in her haul were six packs of mince reduced down to $2 from $10 for regular mince and $2.40 from $12 for lean mince.

She also picked up sirloin steaks for $2.20 along with packets of carrot sticks for 40 cents and packets of chopped kale for 30 cents.

However, her most impressive find of all was a pork roast for just $4.

“Coles Sunbury you have my heart with bargains,” the woman wrote alongside a picture of her incredible bargain.

The shopper also revealed that the secret to scoring a bargain is to visit the store early, around 6am, which is when she found all the markdowns throughout the meat and produce departments.

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