Woolworths staffer's incredible act for mum in 'difficult situation'

A Woolworths customer has given a shout out to a long-time staffer at her local store for going "above and beyond" to help her in a difficult situation.

The Queensland customer shared a post on the Woolworths Facebook Page on Friday, raving about Vicky from the Logan store, just south of Brisbane.

“Vicky is always happy and cheerful - I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face,” she said.

“She always asks me how I am and how my kids are, even when they’re not with me.”

Woolworths staff member Vicky holding a baby.
The woman was so impressed by Vicky’s response to the situation that she snapped a photo of her with her daughter, which she shared alongside her post. Source: Facebook

Aside from Vicky’s positive attitude, the customer wanted to draw attention to a specific incident where Vicky went "above and beyond" to help her in a difficult situation with her four-month-old daughter.

“Today while I was using the self serve checkouts my daughter was being a little miss fussy pants,” she said.

“Vicky held her for me and still went on with her job greeting other customers and assisting them.

“It made my life easier.

“I know these things are part of her job, but it’s always good to be recognised and today was definitely above and beyond!”

Exterior view of Woolworths supermarket.
The woman said the team member had been working at the Woolworths in Logan for a very long time. Source: Getty Images

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, the customer said the Woolworths Logan store was lucky to have a staffer like Vicky.

“She’s worked at the Logan Hyperdome store for a number of years now and she’s absolutely amazing!” she said.

Customers rave about 'friendly' Woolworths store

Responding to the woman’s post, another Woolworths shopper added a comment on Vicky’s service.

“I couldn’t agree more, she is always so happy and friendly!” one person said.

“We love Vicky!” another wrote.

Google reviewers are also raving about the Logan Hyperdome Woolworths team, citing fantastic service from other in-store team members.

“Very friendly service at the deli - the lady gave me great health tips on how to cook my chicken breast,” one person said.

“Bakery staff were very helpful in helping me sort out my birthday cake,” another reviewer wrote.

“Fantastic staff. They gave my son a free banana to eat while shopping,” a third said.

Woolworths responds to ‘thoughtful’ gesture

A Woolworths spokesperson has told Yahoo News they were glad to hear about the customer’s feedback.

“At Woolworths, our teams strive to bring a little good to everyone everyday, and this is yet another great example,” the spokesperson said.

“It was a very thoughtful gesture and we’re glad it was well-received by the customer.

“We’ve passed on the customer’s feedback to our operations team for Vicky to be recognised for going above and beyond.”

A bouquet of pink, orange and purple flowers in a Woolworths trolley.
Woolworths team members love giving free gifts to customers under the supermarket giant's Good Acts program. Source: Facebook

Another Queensland Woolworths thanked for random act of kindness

Another pleased Woolworths customer has taken to Facebook to publicly thank a team member at the Ooralea store in Mackay for a lovely gesture.

“Thanks for making my day Robyn at Woolworths Ooralea Mackay, handing me a bunch of flowers ‘just because’,” the customer wrote.

Accompanying the woman’s post, which has received a number of interactions from other Woolworths customers, is a photograph of an orange, pink, and purple bouquet of flowers.

Many Woolworths customers have recently taken to the Woolworths Facebook page to rave about free gifts in their online shop.

Others have reported handwritten notes, attentive service during in-store emergencies, and acts of kindness from staffers outside of shift times.

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