'Thank you': Sweet story behind note found in Woolworths order

A delighted Woolworths shopper has posted a public thank you to a team member she has dubbed ‘the scribble bandit’, following a slew of thoughtful notes.

Sharing a post to the Woolworths Facebook page, the Tasmanian customer shared a photo of a handwritten note stapled to a bag of fun size Mars bars.

The customer thanked the Scribble Bandit, who identified themselves in the note as Sarah, in a post accompanying the photo.

“This was in my click and collect this morning - thank you Sarah,” she wrote.

The customer first met the scribble bandit earlier in August at the Bridgewater Woolworths, when cheeky little messages were scrawled on some of her click and collect groceries.

Bag of Mars bars and thank you note. Source: Facebook
The scribble bandit struck again two months after originally surprising the customer. Source: Facebook

“Lite milk that’s good for you,” was written on her milk carton, as well as “I like steak” and “Cook me up” which were written on packages of meat.

The customer penned a similar post to the Woolworths Facebook page following the discovery of the notes.

“I love this kid, don’t know who did it, but, keep it up! I’ve named them the ‘scribble bandit’,” she wrote.

Since then, the woman’s post attracted likes and comments from customers all over Australia, and was also covered by some media outlets.

Photographs of the original Scribble Bandit notes began to appear online, which the team member had since noticed.

Milk and meat with notes. Source: Facebook
The customer was delighted to receive these little notes back in August. Source: Facebook

“I’m glad you appreciated my little notes,” the scribble bandit wrote to the woman.

The woman wrote in her follow-up Facebook post, which appeared earlier this week, that she was very excited to hear from the scribble bandit once more.

“Never thought I’d hear from my scribble bandit again,” she said.

Staffer’s notes helped customer through hard time

The woman who received the ‘entertaining’ messages from a Bridgewater staffer has spoken to Yahoo News Australia about how much the notes helped her.

“Small, entertaining things at the time really took my mind of real life,” she said.

“Shortly before this [the first scribble bandit note] happened, I had actually lost my Dad, and had also contracted rhinovirus that led me to getting struck down with pleurisy.”

Woolworths shop with people at checkouts. Source: Getty Images
When she originally encountered the scribble bandit, she told Woolworths they 'need more staff like this staff member'. Source: Getty Images

“I am a full time single mum of two teenagers, and it’s the little things in life that make me smile,” she said.

“I had never expected this to be published further than Facebook, and I was over the moon on Sunday morning to see that my scribbler (Sarah) had contacted me through my groceries again.”

Woolworths team members are notorious for leaving handwritten notes and gifts in customers’ grocery orders, and have also been commended for their "above and beyond" approach to customer service in-store.

Woolworths responds to ‘exciting’ scribbler saga

A Woolworths representative has commented on the woman’s follow-up post about the scribble bandit, writing that they are excited to see the situation unfolding.

“How exciting to see a little note surprise you’ve received from Sarah in your recent Click & Collect order!” the representative wrote.

“Thanks so much for sharing this! We’d love to share your thoughts with our Store Management team.”

The representative then encouraged the customer to send further detail to them via a direct message so that the scribble bandit could be formally recognised in-store.

Through a company-wide initiative, Woolworths staffers endeavour to brighten customers’ days with small acts of kindness, a Woolworths spokesperson previously told Yahoo News.

“We try to bring a little good to our customers every day through our Good Acts program,” they said.

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