Woolworths customer gushes over unexpected gift in delivery

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A grateful Woolworths customer has publicly thanked the retail giant online after finding an unexpected item in her grocery order.

The Brisbane woman addressed a post to Woolworths’s official Facebook page on Thursday, with a photo of the item which she did not order.

“I picked up my groceries with Direct to Boot at the Woolworths Keperra store today,” she wrote.

“And I found this with my groceries.”

Accompanying the woman’s post is a photograph of a box of Favourites chocolates, alongside a note thanking her for her purchase.

Handwritten note and box of Favourites chocolates on order confirmation. Source: Facebook
The free gift is valued at $10. Source: Facebook

The note, which is labelled "Everyday Acts", said: “Thank you so much for your order, and we hope you have an amazing day, from the Woolworths Keperra Online team.”

The team member that penned the handwritten note also drew a heart and smiley face.

“Thank you so much!” the woman wrote.

Woolworths team members have been increasingly generous lately, offering sweet handwritten notes, boxes of chocolates, flowers, and cakes to unsuspecting customers.

A Woolworths representative has commented on a Brisbane woman’s Facebook post, expressing their gratitude for the woman’s thank you.

Woolworths store front with customers and trolleys. Source: Reuters/Jason Reed
Gifts have been increasingly found in online orders. Source: Reuters/Jason Reed

“We’re delighted to see this nice little gesture has brought a smile to your face,” the representative said, before promising to share her post with the Keperra store team.

Woolworths team’s ‘beautiful’ gesture to grieving woman

A woman has posted on Facebook about a heartwarming moment in her local Woolworths store, as the Craigieburn Plaza team rallied to cheer her up during a moment of grief.

In a post shared by the woman’s cousin to the official Woolworths Facebook page, it was revealed that the woman's dog had recently passed away, which she was struggling with.

“When you start to tear up at the supermarket because you’re returning some dog food,” the woman wrote.

Bunch of flowers sitting on a car seat. Source: Facebook
The Victorian store team wanted to help the woman feel better. Source: Facebook

“The team gave me a bunch of flowers and then the tears started to flow,” she said, sharing a photo of a pink and purple floral arrangement.

“The staff should be commended for their efforts towards her today,” the woman’s cousin said.

A spokesperson from Woolworths has previously confirmed with Yahoo News Australia that through a company-wide initiative called the Good Acts Program, Woolworths team members look for ways to give unexpected gifts and make customers' days.

“From handwritten notes to a box of chocolates, our team like to go above and beyond for our customers to make their shopping experience extra special,” the spokesperson said.

Woolworths warns of devious scams

Although reports of in-store generosity are seemingly on the rise, Woolworths has issued a warning to customers that scams are also becoming more frequent.

The grocery giant has urged customers to think before they click, stating “if it’s too good to be true, it often is.”

“Scams are most often designed to look authentic, copying features from our branding such as our logo and the way we communicate,” the Woolworths Scam Alert page states.

Woolworths scam warning. Source: Woolworths
The Woolworths alert page shows examples of past scams where customers are asked for information after being informed they have won a prize. Source: Woolworths

The page warns that common scams encourage people to send personal data to non-official Facebook pages, and can also include phone calls and emails stating that customers have won a voucher.

A Woolworths spokesperson has previously told Yahoo News that Woolworths does not request sensitive information from customers via unofficial channels.

“We never ask our customers for their personal or banking details in unsolicited communications,” they said.

Woolworths customers who believe they have encountered a scam are encouraged to report to Scam Watch, and keep an eye on the Woolworths Group’s Scam page for updates.

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