Woolworths customer shares act of kindness at checkout: ‘Bless you’

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A delighted Woolworths customer has shared a heartwarming story on social media, after a stranger’s random act of kindness made his day.

Jacon Abrha posted details of the act to his TikTok account @jacobabrha in a video which has racked up 19,300 views in only 24 hours.

In the video, Mr Abrha publicly thanks a woman who paid for his groceries at the Mount Lawley Woolworths, an inner north suburb of Perth.

A Woolworths shopper has revealed the heartwarming interaction he had with a fellow shopper at a checkout. Source: TikTok/@jacobabrha
A Woolworths shopper has revealed the heartwarming interaction he had with a fellow shopper at a checkout. Source: TikTok/@jacobabrha

“To that girl that just paid for my groceries at the Mount Lawley Woolies ‘cos my Apple Pay wasn’t working and didn’t let me transfer you back,” he told his 28,500 followers.

“May God bless you.”

The seven second video features footage of Mr Abrha sitting in his car after the incident, before panning over to his passenger seat, showing a full bag of groceries.

The video is captioned “She simply said to pass it on.”

Although several cheeky TikTok users have jokingly commented on Mr Abrha’s video claiming to be the one who helped him, the mystery woman has not yet been identified.

Woolworths customer ‘stunned’ by act

Following an unexpected act of kindness at his local Woolworths, Jacob Abrha has told Yahoo News Australia of the circumstances leading up to the woman’s kind act.

“I was buying groceries and I’d recently lost my card and had to deactivate it,” he said.

“My Apple Pay should have still worked, but in the moment it wasn’t working.

“I was calling my bank and I was on hold for about 15 minutes.

“I asked the customer next to me if she would mind if I transferred her some money and she could pay for my groceries on her card.”

However, an issue with adding new payees with his bank meant that the transfer would not be instantaneous.

“She said it wouldn’t go on to her card and she went to leave but came back and just paid for all of my groceries,” he said.

“I offered to transfer it back but she refused, and just told me to pass it on.”

Mr Abrha said that following the incident, he was in a state of shock.

Man passes a Woolworths sign on a wall. Source: AAP
A Woolworths shopper says he's in shock after a stranger's kind act at the checkout. Source: AAP

“After that I was just stuck in my car in shock at what had just happened,” he said.

He also said that the act has caused him to reevaluate the way he views the world.

“It made me realise that people like her really do exist,” he said.

“People like her keep the world going.”

Acts of kindness are seemingly on the rise in retail settings, with a woman recently treating her local supermarket team to some sweet gifts, Woolworths staff providing gifts to customers, and Coles store manager brightening the day of a cancer patient.

TikTok users loving ‘sweet’ video

Among the thousands of TikTok users who have liked Mr Abrha’s video, several have rallied to leave heartwarming comments on his video, praising the mystery woman’s act.

“What an actual legend,” one person said.

“That’s so sweet,” commented another.

“Bless her!” wrote a third.

Another TikTok user commented that the gesture was just an example of “another pay it forward moment” whilst others have left comments praising the woman for her “generosity” and “nice” attitude.

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