Woolworths staffer praised for kindness: 'Incredible service'

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A Woolworths customer has publicly commended a staffer after she went “above and beyond” even after she had finished her shift.

The woman posted on the Woolworths Facebook page chronicling her encounter with the “wonderful employee” who served her in Taree, on the mid-north coast of NSW.

“I want to commend one of your employees I had the pleasure of interacting with last night at your Taree store,” wrote the grateful shopper in her post.

The woman explained that the staffer, named Amy, who served her at checkout was “helpful and kind” as she carefully packed the woman’s groceries into her bags.

A Woolworths customer loads groceries into her trolley as a worker watches on. Source: Woolworths Group
A Woolworths customer has commended a staffer for going 'above and beyond' on social media. Source: Woolworths Group, file image

“I had done a really big grocery shop and she was so careful packing all of our items, stopping to tell me which ones had delicate items and which ones were heavier so nothing got squashed all while engaging in friendly chat with me,” the woman explained.

She added: “I left your store feeling like I had received incredible service from a wonderful employee but my experience didn’t end there.”

Surprisingly, the shopper went on to note that her positive experience continued into the car park.

While the shopper was packing her groceries into the boot, Amy walked past, having just finished her shift.

Workers push shopping trolleys at a Woolworths store in Sydney. Source: Getty Images
The Woolworths staffer insisted on returning a customer's trolley after she had finished her shift. Source: Getty Images

“After complimenting me on my ability to fit it all in the boot, she then offered and insisted on returning my trolley for me!” wrote the thankful customer.

“Amy went above and beyond and in her own time at that! That's [a] rarity these days and she is one employee that you want to hold on to forever!” she added.

Woolworths staffer responds in the comments

In a delightful twist of fate, shoppers were able to track down the kindly staffer in the Facebook comments so she could receive the kudos she deserves.

“I'm so glad you had that great feeling while coming into my checkout,” wrote the staffer in response.

“Getting tagged in this really made my morning. Thank you,” she added.

Meanwhile, a friend of the worker, who tagged her in the comments, explained she had received a box of chocolates a couple of weeks ago for her exceptional service and that “customers love her”.

She wrote: “She’s done it again.”

Woolies staff share the love with acts of kindness

Despite added pressure from statewide lockdowns and thousands of staff going into self-isolation due to Covid, Woolworths staff continue to do random acts of kindness for customers.

Earlier this month, a customer was stunned when she received an unexpected sweet gift from the team at Woolworths Rosebud West in Victoria.

The shopper had ordered a specific cream cake online to celebrate her husband’s 87th birthday.

But, when what she ordered didn't arrive, she was delighted by a surprise gift instead.

customer photo of fresh cream cake and lindt chocolates gifted from woolworths
A Woolworths customers was shocked when she received a sweet surprise for her husband's 87th birthday. Source: Facebook.

“This is what just arrived. Once again, thank you so much for your kindness,” wrote the customer on the Woolworths Facebook page, alongside a photo of the unexpected gift.

The Woolworths Rosebud West team who prepared her order substituted her cake for sponge cream cake and a box of Lindt chocolates, which came with the handwritten note.

The note read: “We are so sorry that we didn’t have the cake you ordered. Here’s a fresh cream cake and some chocolates.”

“Happy birthday we hope you have a great day. Stay safe. Woolies online at Rosebud West.”

A Woolworths spokesperson also reached out to the shopper saying the team would be excited to hear they made her day.

“We're glad to see that our Team Members from our Rosebud West store were able to surprise and delight you and especially your husband on his 87th birthday,” said the spokesperson.

“We shared this with our Store Management Team and we're sure they'll be excited to hear about it as we care deeply for our customers.”

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