Woolworths customer stunned by generous gift in online order

A shopper has shared the unexpected sweet gift from a Woolworths online team after they were unable to fulfill her order.

The shopper explained on social media that she had asked for a specific cream cake in her online order to celebrate her husband’s 87th birthday.

But when what she ordered didn't arrive, she was shocked with a surprise gift instead.

“I put in a small extra order for a cream cake, explaining if they didn’t have the one I ordered please would they substitute as it’s my husband’s 87th birthday today and the cake is for him,” the woman explained on Facebook.

“This is what just arrived. Once again, thank you so much for your kindness.”

The Woolworths online team in the Victorian suburb of Rosebud West who prepared her order substituted her cake for another and added another kind gift with a personal touch.

Exterior view of Woolworths Miranda supermarket. Source: Getty Images
The Woolworths team from Rosebud West in Melbourne have been praised for their kindness. Source: Getty Images

The woman posted a picture of a handwritten note alongside a sponge cream cake and a box of chocolates.

The note read: “We are so sorry that we didn’t have the cake you ordered. Here’s a fresh cream cake and some chocolates.

“Happy birthday we hope you have a great day. Stay safe. Woolies online at Rosebud West.”

The stunned shopper shared the kind gesture to the Woolworths Facebook page where other customers applauded the store's online team.

The note from staff and the cake from Woolworths. Source: Facebook
The kind note from the Woolworths team shocked the shopper who was taken back by their kindness. Source: Facebook

A Woolworths spokesperson also reached out to the shopper saying the team would be excited to hear they made her day.

“We're glad to see that our Team Members from our Rosebud West store were able to surprise and delight you and especially your husband on his 87th birthday,” the spokesperson said.

“We shared this with our Store Management Team and we're sure they'll be excited to hear about it as we care deeply for our customers.

“We hope you and your husband enjoy the rest of the day.”

Another store shocks shopper with sweet gift

This isn’t the first time a supermarket team has surprised a shopper via their online order. The online Woolworths team in Dandenong also surprised a customer with an unexpected gift recently.

"A sweet gesture from Woolies. I didn’t realise it was in until I started to unpack the groceries. A happy customer," she wrote alongside a picture of a 360g Family Block of chocolate.

Alongside her gift was a note that read: "Thank you for shopping at Woolies Dandenong. Have a great day! Online Team Dandenong."

Woolworths shoppers receive Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar and note. Source: Facebook
The surprised Woolworths shopper was grateful to receive this kind note and free chocolate in her online order. Source: Facebook

Surprisingly, others commented on the woman's post saying they'd recently received kind gifts from staff members too.

“I recently had a little bag with five small chocolates in it with a similar note, made my kids happy,” one shopper said on the Woolworths Rewards Enthusiasts Facebook page.

“Mine gave me a box of Favourites last week,” another person said.

“They gave me a bunch of flowers last week,” added a third.

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