IGA customer 'saves $90' on giant meat haul: ‘Awesome’

An IGA customer has shared photos of a giant discounted meat haul that she scored from her local store, saving her $90.

The northern New South Wales customer shared a photo of the impressive 23-item haul to the Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia recently.

The photos show an array of IGA meat products sprawled across her stove and kitchen bench, all adorned with discount price stickers.

In the photos, it can be seen that the woman scored beef steaks for $5.75, a whole chicken for $11.65, and a whole pork leg roast for $9.21.

Meat products sprawled over bench. Source: Facebook
The woman said the meat haul will help her feed her family. Source: Facebook

“We are a family of four so this is plenty for us,” the customer wrote in a comment.

“I saved about $90 on this one - I’ve filled my freezer!”

The Inverell woman also captioned her photo with a disclaimer to all group members: “Please note, for every tray I took there were at least three more there for others.”

In a previous post to the popular Markdown Addicts Australia group, which has over 237,700 members, the woman shared her secret to scoring impressive meat hauls.

“I only buy meat when it’s marked down,” she wrote, adding that her local store often marks down their meat “every Tuesday morning”.

Facebook reacts to customer’s ‘massive break’

Group members of Markdown Addicts Australia have left almost 800 comments on the woman’s post, congratulating her on her score.

“Enjoy the massive break that will give you in your budget over the coming months - awesome timing coming up to Christmas!,” wrote one person.

Meat close up on counter. Source: Facebook
The woman did not mention how much she paid for the haul, but said she saved over $90. Source: Facebook

“I’m so happy for you, I love seeing someone get a bargain,” said another.

“If you didn't buy it - someone else would have, so good for you,” commented a third.

Another group member posed a thoughtful suggestion in the comments section, as to how the woman could use her savings.

“Take the cash out for the leftover shop that you would have spent, save it up over the month and spend it on something for yourself!,” they wrote.

Group rallies behind bargain hunter

Many group members have also posted supportive messages in the post’s comments section in response to the woman’s caption.

In the caption, the woman defended her purchase amount, by stating that she also left some markdowns for other shoppers.

“No one should feel the need to justify buying extra bargains with the amount of food wastage in stores every single day,” wrote one person.

Person holding IGA bag. Source: Getty Images
The woman scored a mixture of brand name and IGA brand meat products. Source: Getty Images

“You saved them from going into the landfill, good for you!” posted another group member.

“You shouldn’t have to explain yourself, first in best dressed!” said a third.

“Don't feel that you have to explain buying bargains, if you're there at the right time grab it, why not?” commented a fourth.

Group shares meat safety secrets

In response to another group member’s comment about purchasing discounted meat, Markdown Addicts members have also shared tips for customers concerned about meat use-by dates.

“You can keep meat in the freezer for months after purchase, just watch the use-by date,” wrote one person.

“I pretty much only buy marked down chicken and chuck it straight in the freezer and have never had an issue in 5 years of doing so,” said another.

“When a supermarket sells this stuff it usually has a use-by date before they actually need to be used so there is no risk of them selling spoiled meat - it should be fine,” commented a third.

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