Woolworths shopper reveals how she paid $82 for $168 meat haul

A Woolworths customer has revealed her secret to scoring a bargain after she paid just $82 for more than $160 worth of meat.

Taking to Facebook, the woman explained she managed to nab her haul for $82.22 at Craigieburn Central Woolworths, in Melbourne's outer north, in Victoria.

She scored several different meats at a discounted price. If the items weren't on special, she said she would have paid $168.60.

The Woolworths shopper saved a total of $86.38 and people were very impressed by the haul.

A Woolworths customer saved more than $86 on her shop. Source: Facebook/AAP

"Nice," one person said. But they were curious as to when the woman shopped to get the best price on food.

"When is the best time to go? I go in the morning and find nothing," they enquired.

"I normally go late afternoon, around 6-8pm and find some good bargains," the savvy Woolworths shopper replied.

"But this morning was the first time I had seen so much meat marked down, there was heaps. I think it depends on the day and how busy they are."

Woolworths worker reveals best time to get bargains

In May, Yahoo News Australia reported a Woolworths employee revealed the best time to scoop up marked down items depended on what you were after.

The employee revealed on Facebook items get discounted at different times in the day.

“I work at Woolworths and I do bread markdowns at 7pm every night,” she revealed.

“I also do produce, meat and dairy. But they also do markdowns in the morning as well, not sure what time because I work night shifts.

“There’s also a possibility that other stores do it at different times of the day.”

Other employees at different supermarkets chimed in and said there were several variables when it came to a supermarket slashing prices.

It turns out markdowns generally depend on store and stock levels.

People shop at a Woolworths supermarket in Sydney on March 17, 2020.
There's no set time a supermarket will start marking down items, the best way to score a bargain is getting too know the routine of your local supermarket. Source: AFP/Getty Images

“I see people with these awesome markdowns, comment on what a bargain they’ve got and good on them," the employee said.

“It’s pretty much pot luck with markdowns.”

However, other shoppers also shared some valuable advice on when to score discounted groceries.

One person said the store manager or department manager in each store would have their own routine, so it's worth getting to know your local store's habits.

However, another Woolworths employee suggested it was a good idea to just ask your local supermarket's store manager.

“By you asking and coming in for a bargain at that time it helps assure sales of markdown lines and less stock loss/still good food going in the bin so to speak,” they said.

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