Coles customer reveals how she scored a huge $110 haul for $11

A delighted Coles customer has shared about how she managed to score a massive 14 item grocery haul for only $11.

The Western Australian customer shared details of her shop on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Markdown Gods are looking after me - worth over $110 and I only paid $11!”” she wrote.

Sharing three photos of the goods she bought, the woman revealed that her discounted shop consisted of bread, instant meals, meat, and milk.

In the photos, the price labels show that the woman paid only 75 cents for 500 grams of mince, $1.82 for a whole chicken, 57 cents for rye bread and 10 cents for a 2 litre bottle of milk.

Grocery shop with discount stickers laid out. Source: Facebook
The woman said that the meat she had already consumed was good quality. Source: Facebook

The excited woman said she scored the massive haul from the Subiaco store, by taking advantage of typical markdown times.

“I hung around for an hour for the final markdown and it paid off!” she wrote.

In a follow up comment, she explained how markdown times often work in supermarkets.

“They are all different, but the store near me does it at 10am, vegetables are marked down in the morning but meat is mostly done after 6pm,” she said.

“Often due to understaffing the markdown goes from 10-20 per cent off all the way to 90 per cent off on the use-by date.”

“Always look for a markdown every time you are near a store to get a markdown fix!” she said.

“Because some stores do it in the mornings when new stock arrives.”

The woman ended her post saying that there were many bottles of milk that ended up being discounted, and encouraged other group members to head in store and nab the remainder to avoid wastage.

Group members shocked by ‘brilliant score’

Members of the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group have posted dozens of comments on the woman’s Coles discount post, congratulating her on her significant haul.

“Your patience paid off, good job,” said one person.

“I’m never this lucky, but I believe it happens to those who deserve it or need it more,” commented another.

“Absolutely brilliant score - right place, right time,” wrote a third.

Another group member posted a suggestion for how the woman could use her milk haul.

“I love milk markdowns, I always make halloumi with them,” the Facebook user wrote, posting a link to recipes for halloumi and ricotta.

Group member shows off $31 meat haul: ‘Very happy’

Another Markdown Addicts Australia group member has shared details of an incredible Coles haul, after scoring 9 big ticket meat items for only $31.

The customer shared a photo to the page on Thursday, with the caption “very happy with this haul!”.

The photo shows that the woman scored two legs of lamb for just over $6 each, chicken tenderloins for just over $2 and diced casserole meat for only $1.87.

Grocery haul with discount stickers laid out and displayed on a table. Source: Facebook
Group members of Markdown Addicts Australia frequently share tips on how to nab the best in-store deals. Source: Facebook

Group members were quick to congratulate her on the haul, with the post attracting several comments just after it was posted.

“I love it when it’s not just mince and you grab so many different deals,” wrote one person.

“Fabulous bargains,” said another.

Another group member asked her what strategy she used to score the bargain meat, which she answered in a reply.

“Going in around 6.30pm usually works for me at my local store,” she said.

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