Easy way to compare prices at Coles, Woolworths: 'Super handy'

It’s the question shoppers ask themselves almost weekly: "Where can I find the cheapest groceries Coles or Woolworths?"

Well, now there’s an app that takes the guesswork out of price comparison and can even deliver your shop.

WiseList is a free app that compares weekly prices between Coles and Woolworths with budget-savvy shoppers calling it ‘extremely handy’.

“Super cheap and handy to have both Coles and Woolies groceries mix and matched, then delivered same day,” one shopper who uses the app recently wrote in the money-saving Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia.

WiseList price compare app shown on mobile phone screens. Source: WiseList
Customers are loving the free price comparison app WiseList that shows where you'll save the most money, Woolies or Coles. Source: WiseList

The post sparked interest amongst budget-savvy shoppers keen to understand how the app works and how they can start using it.

“Oh what, did not know this was a thing! And here's me manually looking up the prices for my shopping list before we go out,” one person wrote in a post about the app.

“This is a lifesaver for me also! Didn’t even know about it,” added another.

A family leave a Woolworths store. Source: Getty Images
Woolworths shoppers can use a handy app to find the best bargains. Source: Getty Images

“This would save me soooo much time!!!!” Commented a third.

Those who already use the app agreed it’s a “great way” to compare prices between the two major retailers, particularly when certain items are on special.

How does WiseList work?

WiseList works by offering customers the option to search for items and create their own grocery list.

As items are searched a list of products appears breaking down the cost between Coles and Woolworths.

The cheaper option is displayed on top, showing the price difference between stores for that particular product.

There’s the option to create a complete grocery list for the week or fortnight with the price breakdown from each store available.

Price compare app screenshots. Source: WiseList
Simply search for the item you are looking for and a price comparison will appear. You can then add this item to your shopping list to see the overall savings of your weekly shop and compare which supermarket is cheaper. Source: WiseList

You can also browse products through each of the store’s weekly catalogues and add them to your shopping list.

As you add items to your list, the app displays a price comparison for that item and a total price for both Coles and Woolworths letting you know which store is cheaper.

Apart from the price comparison feature, WiseList also offers a delivery service. Once you have finalised your own list a personal shopper in your area will be assigned to shop and deliver your order.

There’s also a watch list feature to which you can add products to and be alerted when they go on sale. You can even add your Flybuys and Woolworths Everyday Rewards cards to the app to collect points.

The budget-friendly app also offers a bill management feature that electricity, gas and water bills can be added to. Users can set this up to notify them when their bills are due.

But there’s a catch

While the app is useful for price comparisons, the delivery feature isn’t available to everyone.

“Great app to compare BUT only available in very limited areas - I’m in Sydney but it’s not available, it’s only in metro Sydney,” one person shared.

"Add to that the 5 per cent service charge and a delivery fee - people need to take that into account with prices."

Others pointed out that while the app compared prices well, it sometimes displayed the same price of products, but a different price per unit which customers needed to look out for.

“Not very accurate same price, but a different price per litre,” one person wrote about a recent product search.

Other’s also suggested trying similar price comparison and list building app Frugl, which is also free.

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