Woolworths customer's huge 20kg discount chicken haul, saving $48

A Woolworths customer has revealed how she snagged a huge 20kg chicken haul at a significant discount.

The ACT woman shared details of her 20-item haul to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page on Friday morning.

“Scored at Woolies at Woden in Canberra,” she told the group’s 238,000 members.

In an accompanying photo, the woman’s purchase has been laid out on a table. Her score consisted of 12 deli wrapped packages of chicken drumsticks, which she scored on a quick sale discount.

The woman also scored two beef scotch fillet steaks for $6 and $8, two roast chickens for just over $10 each, two packs of chicken burger patties for $4.91, and two packs of chicken thighs for just over $5 each.

12 deli packs and 2 roast chickens, 6 packs of meat on a table with discount stickers. Source: Facebook
The woman plans to freeze the meat for later use. Source: Facebook

“My local Woolies had chicken drumsticks for $1.60 per kilo today,” she said.

“I called all the family up, and we all went in - I walked away with 20kg.”

Woolworths chicken drumsticks commonly cost around $4 per kilo, equating roughly $48 in savings on her chicken purchase.

Hundreds of group members have interacted with the woman’s post, with many taking to the comments section to congratulate her on her savings.

“Love the look of all those bargains,” wrote one group member.

“Well done, it would have likely been thrown out otherwise,” commented another.

“Awesome - I’d love to get that much and put it in my freezer,” said a third.

Markdown group shares discount packing hack

Another Markdown Addicts Australia group member has commented on the woman’s post, sharing an unknown Woolworths packaging hack when discount shopping.

“They’re allowed to sell you their deli packs they receive their chicken in - they can just grab a full bag and weigh it and slap a sticker on it,” the group member said.

Shoppers check-out at a plastic bag-free Woolworths supermarket. Source: Jill Gralow/Reuters

The original poster responded to the member’s comment, stating that she asked for the deli team member to give her a box, but was told it had to be bagged individually.

“It was much easier to carry that way anyway,” she wrote.

“It’s better for me if they handle the chicken and stick it into bags, so there’s less for me to deal with. Plus it fits nicely in my freezer too!”

Group shares prime times for discount hunting

The Markdown Addicts Australia admins have shared markdown hunting secrets in the group’s description.

“The highest chance of success for 50 per cent off meat is first thing in the morning when the store opens from 7am,” they wrote.

“Specials higher than 50 per cent off are marked down at the end of the manager’s shift or at the close of business, so either 5pm of between 8 and 10pm.”

The admins also state that bakery markdowns are often performed a few hours before the store closes, but all stores are different.

Another tip given by the group admins is for members to pay close attention to their local store’s expiry dates, order cycle and rotation process.

“Many products are marked for quick sale based on expiry dates, not because the manager feels like it,” they said.

“If you’re hoping to grab a bargain, pay attention to its expiry date and follow up the day before to see if it’s been marked down.”

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