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Woolworths TikTok helps solve annoying recycling problem

Woolworths has released a new sustainability-focussed TikTok, telling customers how they can responsibly recycle soft plastics in-store.

The 25-second video was uploaded earlier this week, and has been quick to rack up thousands of views.

The video, captioned “Here’s what to do with your soft plastics”, stars Woolworths’s TikTok star Liam Kirley.

“Here is an eco-friendly way to recycle at Woolworths,” he said.

“With our partnership with REDcycle you can recycle your soft plastics at our REDcycle bins located in every Woolworths store.”

3 stills from TikTok video showing Woolworths logo.
The video teaches viewers that many plastics from food items can be placed in REDcycle bins. Source: TikTok/Woolworths

The video then pans to footage of Liam holding a plastic food package and showing it to the camera.

“Such as this product packaging, you can even recycle your bag for good and any other reusable bag you may have from Woolworths,” Liam says.

“Now that’s pretty eco-friendly if I don't say so myself.”

The video ends with Liam humorously asking viewers an unrelated question.

“Anyway, anyone wanna come to my birthday party?” he says.

Woolworths REDcycle bins are commonly located at the front of Woolworths stores, with the contents being recycled and turned into other items.

“Soft plastics returned to stores are recycled by our partner REDcycle into benches, bollards and other items that can be used in our stores and car parks,” the Woolworths website says.

“We also collect old and worn reusable green bags when they get old and worn, single-use plastic bags, bread bags, biscuit wrap and frozen food bags.”

TikTok reacts to recycling hack: ‘So Cool!’

Woolworths’s most recent sustainability video has taken TikTok by storm, with many users sharing their opinions in the comments section.

Many users have commented on the success of the REDcycle initiative in-store.

“I’ve never seen one of those recycling bins empty,” said one person.

“That’s so cool!,” commented another.

“That’s why I pick Woolies,” wrote a third.

Woolworths shoppers exiting a store.
Woolworths has also recommended that shoppers reuse mesh-type produce bags, and opt for electronic receipts at the checkout. Source: Getty Images

Other TikTok users have taken to the comments section to carry on with Liam’s birthday party joke.

“RSVP me!” wrote one person.

“Yes I can come to your birthday, I have 5 bag for goods!,” said another TikTok user.

“I’ll come to your birthday but only if there’s Woolies mud cake,” commented a third.

Woolworths representatives have been very responsive to comments on their TikTok video, telling TikTok users they’re welcome at Liams’s birthday party.

“Such a simple way to recycle!” the spokesperson replied to another TikTok user.

TikTok user reveals bag ‘replacement’ hack

Another TikTok user commented on the new Woolworths TikTok with an alternative for customers wishing to keep their reusable shopping bags.

“Why recycle the bag for good when you can replace it for free?” they wrote.

Woolworths has confirmed on their website that Bag for Good bags are replaceable in the event of damage.

A shopper selects items inside a Woolworths supermarket.
Woolworths Bag for Good bags have recently been price dropped froom 99c to 50c for a limited time. Source: Jill Gralow/Reuters

“It’s yours to use again and again, and if it ever gets damaged, we’ll replace it for free no matter when you bought it from us,” the website says.

“Simply bring your damaged bag to the Customer Service desk in any of our stores and we’ll swap it for a new one.”

The website also states that the old Bag for Good that was replaced, will still be placed in REDcycle bins for repurposing.

“We’ll even recycle your old one so it can keep doing good,” they said.

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