Woolworths staffer praised for kind act at checkout: 'Much appreciated'

A Woolworths shopper has taken to social media to share his appreciation for the kind-hearted staffer who kept his lost phone safe for him.

The elderly man shared his post to the Woolworths Facebook page, where he thanked the young checkout worker at Marden in Adelaide for popping his phone in a cupboard for safe-keeping.

“Thank you [to] the young lady on the checkout at [the] Marden store today,” the grateful shopper wrote in his post.

Elderly Woolworths shoppers wearing masks enter store with trolleys.
The elderly shopper thanked the young checkout worker at the Marden store for keeping his phone safe. Source: Getty

He continued: “I left my phone on the counter and didn't realise until I got home.”

After realising he had arrived home without his phone, the man explained that he headed straight back to the Woolworths Marden store to search for it.

“Went straight back and she had put it in the cupboard for me,” the relieved customer said.

“Much appreciated.”

Senior shopper wearing face mask pays using phone at checkout.
The grateful shopper confessed he left his sunglasses at checkout two weeks prior. Source: Getty

The man went on to say the same thing happened with his sunglasses two weeks prior when he left them on the counter.

“Seniors must give you a lot of problems,” the shopper joked at the end of the post.

A fellow elderly shopper agreed with the man in the comments, writing: “Know the feeling!”

Woolworths representative responds in the comments

A Woolworths representative was quick to respond to the sweet post in the comments, saying they were glad to hear their team member was able to reunite the man with his belongings.

“We appreciate both your patience and your kind words. We're overjoyed to hear that one of our team members at our Marden store [was] able to reunite you with both your phone and your sunglasses,” wrote a Woolworths representative.

“We'd like to remind you that here at Woolworths, we pride ourselves on doing the right thing, so to hear something like this really brings a smile to our face,” they added.

Front of well-lit Woolworths store with large sign.
A Woolworths representatice shared the positive feedback with the store management team. Source: Woolworths Group

Woolworths confirmed they had forwarded the positive feedback to the store management team, who would likely be delighted by the news.

The impressed shopper responded to Woolworths, saying: “Thank you, I often bring a trainee guide dog into the store, but [I’m] pleased to say I have never forgotten one yet.”

“They would be difficult to get in the cupboard,” the man joked.

Woolworths staffer's incredible act for mum in 'difficult situation'

Woolworths customers have been active on social media throughout the pandemic, sharing heartfelt posts acknowledging the kindness of hard-working staff.

Earlier this month, a Queensland shopper gave a shout out to a long-time staffer at her local store for going "above and beyond" to help her in a difficult situation.

The grateful customer shared a post on the Woolworths Facebook Page raving about Vicky from the Logan store, just south of Brisbane.

The impressed shopper snapped a photo of Vicky with her daughter, which she shared alongside her post. Source: Facebook
The impressed shopper snapped a photo of Vicky with her daughter, which she shared alongside her post. Source: Facebook

“Vicky is always happy and cheerful – I don’t think I have ever seen her without a smile on her face,” wrote the woman.

“She always asks me how I am and how my kids are, even when they’re not with me.”

The shopper also drew attention to a specific incident where Vicky went above and beyond to help while she was struggling to placate her four-month-old daughter.

“Today, while I was using the self serve checkouts my daughter was being a little miss fussy pants,” she said.

“Vicky held her for me and still went on with her job greeting other customers and assisting them,” the thankful shopper wrote. “It made my life easier.”

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, the customer said the Woolworths Logan store was lucky to have a team member like Vicky.

“She’s worked at the Logan Hyperdome store for a number of years now and she’s absolutely amazing!” she gushed.

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